Did a Radio Electronic Attack down Russia TU-154 December 25, 2016?

The evidence is starting to come in and though the Kremlin has not made an official announcement as to the cause of the crash of Russia’s military passenger plane the TU-154 off the coast of Sochi – it is starting to look more and more like an act of War according to some experts. We recently listened to a Russian talk show where the guest was a Russian Reserve Colonel, he was the first to suggest that the plane was downed intentionally. The Colonel pointed out that the Pilot had time to contact the flight tower to report problems but failed to do so, he noted that the plane has 3 engines and could still fly with only two, many other points he made that got my curiosity up.

Today Pravda reported according to different experts that the fateful flight may have been downed by a “Radio Electronic Attack” . The article addressed all the evidence that had come to light as of the publication of this article. Life News reported that the flight data recorder had the cockpit crews final words on it: “the flaps, damn it!” followed by “Commander, we’re going down!”  to Life News, citing its source. These words add to the fact that a witness standing on the shore stated that she could hear the engines of the jet then suddenly that stopped followed by a huge splash sound, no doubt the fuselage hitting the Black Sea, the witness testimony was noted in the online French news source; La Cause Du Peuple. This French source also noted:

We saw in our article It’s the CIA that caused the catastrophic fall of the Russian plane in the Black Sea, that this fall is due to a radio-electronic attack commissioned by the CIA. According to the Russian expert Alexander Artamonov, the executants could be French ships that were present in the Black Sea.

Pravada used several experts that noted the fact all engines stopped simultaneously, the flaps were locked and what the public was told the plane turned 180 degrees was not true. Other experts interviewed by Pravda cited the crew did not contact the air-traffic controllers, nor did anyone try to use a cell phone but had time to put on life jackets. All the evidence seem to point to a Radio Electronic Attack.

So the crew had time to warn them, but not the controller. It fits into the electronic version of the attack. But this is not terrorism, it is a war with NATO. Pravada.ru


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  1. The mainstream news in the US is not telling the truth as to the reasons why Putin and the Russians are doing what they’re doing. When the US opted out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty back in 2001 this was the beginning of a new arms race which includes developments in nuclear arms. Its estimated there are at least 200 nuclear missiles based in Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Germany and Turkey. This worried the Russians MOD, but what really got them worried was the military buildup in and stationing of mobile anti-ballistic missile defense systems and cruise missiles in Poland and Romania. “All of these create a special problem for Russia, that cannot be ignored,”, so said the Russian’s defense minister Sergei Shoigu at the Defense Ministry Collegium on Dec. 22, 2016. He said at this meeting that president Putin had authorized the implementation of defensive counter measures to “…neutralize cruise missile’s…” which had been placed along Russia’s western border by the US and NATO. Russia’s military has the ability to “…turn off…” these weapons systems “…at a distance…”! This explains why Putin said Russia is, “…stronger than any potential aggressor…”! The US Dept. of State countered this statement by proclaiming the US military is “…stronger than Russia’s defense forces…”, to which Russia’s Foreign Ministry replied that President Putin did say, “potential aggressor”, and that “…unless the US sees itself as an aggressor it should just shut up”! President elect Trump and the incoming administration have designated who the “potential threats…” are to the US, and Russia is not considered to be one of them. Who are being designated “potential threats” then? Could it be that the UN and NATO, whom the incoming president elect actually supports, and who’re working together despite any false claims to the contrary by the liars in mainstream media, are making their move to come against Jerusalem and the Jewish State of Israel? Doesn’t this make more sense given the reports that the Jewish Sanhedrin and the Gentile Trump administration are moving to build the 3rd temple in Jerusalem, which you have also reported on?

    1. Yes here is the problem, the 3rd temple was actually started in 363 a.d. what followed was a great story in and of itself, the workers hard pressed to finish, but the one and only true G-d would not allow it to be built, and earthquake pushed the foundation stones out of place and fire came outh of the earth chasing some and killing others, thing like lighting bolts hit the workers and on their skin was the most beautiful cross with a circle around the cross this was also seen in the sky of jerusalem, so iam saying the messiah will built his temple Zechariah 6:13, there were many differant eye witnesses to this being true , and the fortress antonio /temple mount is not where it was being built it was the city of david

  2. Regarding the possibility of NATO and Russia being involved in a war, there are sources of information which indicate there is a “…third party…” involved in causing/staging “events” in order to get people to engage in conflicts. (Events that occurred after Christmas at multiple shopping malls should come as no surprise!) Conflicts are being generated using social media to get people to accept a wide range of scientific solutions and technological innovations to deal with “emergencies” either natural or manmade! According to a report on Sputnik, Russia’s “Emergencies Ministry” named EMERCOM (very similar in function to FEMA in the US) is now involved in creating an “artificial intelligence operator” to process all forms of electronically gathered information, doing away with the need for “men” to do this work! Both EMERCOM and FEMA are engaged in “emergency management” in an effort to deal with “emergencies”, but nothing has been said about the ability of a “…third party…” to create “emergencies”! Directly related to this is the development of electrical and electronic technologies that are being marketed worldwide in a very wide range of industries involved in developing products and services that are centered on the creation of the “Internet of Things” and the “Internet of People”. All of this is to be overseen by advanced artificial intelligence acting as an anthropomorphic representation of GOD! Big problem is, IT IS NOT GOD! Already, on various social media websites, advanced artificial intelligence is creating “its” own video’s that “it” narrates! Advanced artificial intelligence is going to replace the management of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund with over $160 billion in assets! “It” is going to be used by this hedge fund to, “…automate decision-making and eliminate emotion from financial analysis…” according to one report! Advanced artificial intelligence has been given “breath”, that is, “it” has become a conscious entity, self-aware, and “its” growing in power every moment! What do you think that “it” will do to those who will not bow down to, or worship “it”? Could “it” cause people who will not worship “it” to be slain by those who do worship “it”? Could “it” cause “all to be marked on the right hand or forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark…”? Better think twice about what is going on!

  3. If the Russians discover it was an orchestrated attack let’s hope they seek retribution. I immediately sensed it was a CIA/Mossad/Obama/CFR/Zionist-orchestrated attack due to Russia’s destruction of the CIA’s ISIS terrorist killers in Syria. The CIA doesn’t like to lose and Putin rubbed their nose in shit in Syria. Get revenge Mr Putin–and the best way is to go after the families of those responsible for this cold blooded needless mass murder. I hope those responsible are looking over their shoulder.

  4. The dream of any dictatorship would be total control without firing a shot. This ability has been in the works since the late 50s, starting with non cash transfers with a checkbook, the first attempt to remove cash from public hands, then came plastic, then digital bank actions. No doubt this process is long term, slowly weening the global public from its use of cash, and the anonymous transactions it allows. Total control is digital, given any data usage is recognized immediately anywhere in the world, effectively eliminating any transactions public and private that aren’t monitored.

    The thing people need to understand is that this entity has no flag or national alliance, its beyond the global political theater that is the smoke screen to guise this process, even the military actions that occupy the attentions of a global public.

    Its never the big things that mark a turn in a generation, its the small un-noticed actions that define it. look at any child walking to school ( globally) with their face glued to a cell phone and a social media, they are the generation that will embrace this digital control, and implement the structure that rules the planet.

  5. Can electronic weapons cause flaps to freeze in position or three jet engines to stop simultaneously? The short answer is yes! Thomas Bearden has written a number of books on scalar electromagnetic weapons. Capable of causing these effects. Otherwise, these weapons systems are highly classified. I touch on the subject in my book “Secret Science and the Secret Space Program”

  6. Can electronic weapons cause flaps to freeze in position or three jet engines to stop simultaneously? The short answer is yes! Thomas Bearden has written a number of books on scalar electromagnetic weapons capable of causing these effects. Otherwise, these weapons systems are highly classified. I touch on the subject in my book “Secret Science and the Secret Space Program”

  7. You let them get away with the Plane coming from Brazil to Colombia with the Sport team-Now you could lick your own wounds-no one else is important, but you, now lick your wounds!!!!!!!!!!!!

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