Pope Francis Has A New War Lord!

Pope Francis Has A New War Lord!

Transcribed unabridged By Sister Torres



Steven Ben-Nun: Erev Tov Chaverim; I’m Steven Ben-Nun and you’re watching Israeli News Live. We’re on the road right now so having to do a little bit different on our news broadcast but we have some very, very serious news that is coming from around the world especially being reported in the European Times news source online. You can find these called the European Union Times that’s on these articles here. One of the articles is entitled Pope Francis Lashes Out at Capitalism Calls for Communism While in Bolivia. Another article that we’ll be looking at as well is on the same site the European Union Times called Stunned Obama Flees to Pentagon After Receiving Putin War Order. You heard that right it is a war order that Putin has sent to President Barack Obama and of course things can only get worse from there.

But anyway let me take you the first to the article here about Pope Francis I think is very important that you see this as well. Because there’s something that I beginning to draw from the events that are transpiring so as I’m begin to share this with you I’d like for you to keep in the back of your mind here the steady meetings that have been happening between Pope Francis and as well as President Putin. And it may be something that we would normally think well no big deal but watch the comments that Pope Francis makes here in Bolivia.

Here the article says; Pope Francis has urged the people of Latin America to stand up to the world’s capitalist system and change the world economic order by creating a truly communitarian economy based on distribution of goods among all Communism.


That’s exactly what he spoke about in Bolivia. He said here; starting his speech with the need to instigate change, he called on the faithful to fight to protect human dignity in a system where farm workers end up without land or home and laborers without rights. Do we realize that that system has imposed the mentality of profit at any price, with no concern for social exclusion or the destruction of nature; he asked at a powerful speech before a gathering of social movements in Bolivia. Once capital becomes an idol and guides individuals and once greed for money presides over the entire socioeconomic system, it ruins society, Francis said. It enslaves individuals and destroys fraternity, a system which excludes, debases and kills. This system; he goes on to say; is by now intolerable. So let’s not be afraid to say it: we need change; we want change, Pope Francis said.

Kind of sounds like Barack Obama several years back they’re saying the same thing the he was going to bring change. In fact interestingly enough many people believe that Obama is the Anti-Christ. Well however he may have been groomed and believed that he actually is the One World Leaders that’s only a façade it’s actually Pope Francis that definitely is that One World Leader there.

Let me just share with you another article here and this is on Now the End Begins the editor notes here and he’s actually quoting some of the article here from the one I just mentioned to you here on the European Union Times. The editor is stated here Pope Francis having laid the ground work over the past two years has begun his ascent to obtaining raw political power. Francis is going to create a One World Church powered by the Revived Roman Empire then he is going to combine the two just you watch and see. Now that’s stated by the editor of the Online Magazine Now the End Begins.

And he did an article there called In a Fiery Speech Pope Francis Excoriates Global Capitalism, Communism as the European Union Times has actually put it. Now my concern is that Pope Francis is actually working with President Putin seeing the need for the destruction of the United States in his ideology I might add not that the US should be destroyed. But in his own ideology he would like to see the US come down and the reason being is because the US is a Capitalist country, it is a place where people that work hard can actually get ahead in life you might say. Well Communism doesn’t work that way.

And speaking about the redistribution of wealth it reminded me of an article that I or a particular prophetic passage that I had read from the Apocalypse of Thomas the other day and it think it’s worth reiterating here just for a moment for the sake of thinking about what is actually said there. And it says here (Chapter 2 verse 9); and after that again a king shall arise in the south part of the world; well he is from South America, Argentina in fact. And it says; shall hold rule a little space in his days the treasury shall fail because of the wages of the Roman soldiers. Well this case he is the King of Rome, he is the Pope of the Catholic Church which is in Rome, Italy. And in fact his Roman soldiers is NATO and the United States has been fighting his wars for quite some time now and if definitely bankrupted the economy in doing so. That is why the United States is in such tremendous struggle financially is all the wars that America has waged over the last say 40, 50 years.

But it goes on to say something else that’s very interesting here. It says; that the substance of all the age shall be commanded to be taken and given to the King to distribute or in this case re-distribute.   Exactly what he’s calling for when he’s down in South America he was calling for re-distribution of wealth Communism.

Well maybe this is why he’s been working with President Putin recently, President Putin a well he’s more of a Monarch than; in Communism but the Nation itself Russia is a Communistic Country.   And so therefore what better to have President Putin fight the battles for the future wars that are to come?

Speaking of future wars another article here on European Union Times here it says here Pope; excuse me that is the Stunned Obama Flees to the Pentagon After Receiving Putin’s War Order. The Ministry of Defense is reporting today that this morning’s emergency activation to immediate combat readiness status of the 102nd Military Base near Armenia, is directly related to the 4 July war order issued by President Putin authorizing the sinking of the US Navy’s guided missile destroyer USS Porter DDG-78 that just entered into the Black Sea on 5 July.

According to this report, on 4 July, President Putin communicated directly with President Barack Obama outlining the exact parameters of his war order and further expressed the Federations grave concerns regarding the United States massive global war games that are currently underway, or due to start this month, that include, in part, Talisman Sabre 2015Jade Helm 15 and Breeze 15, these are the 3 different War Games that Obama is instructed to take place.

Of the greatest concern to the Federation regarding these massive US war moves, this report continues, is Breeze 15 that includes 30 ships and around 1,700 personnel from Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey as well as the US belonging to the Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 SNMG1 and the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2 that began operations in the Black Sea on 3 July.



And heightening these grave concerns even more, this report explains, was Greek Prime Minster Alexis Tsipras stating to President Putin last week that the Greek Navy contingent of NATO’s Breeze 15 war game had been refused permission by his government to participate in it due to that nation’s severe financial crisis, thus leading to fears the Obama regime was planning to use this exercise in a coup against that country and its democratically elected leaders. As you may very well know President Putin has already extended a hand to Greece’s Prime Minister that if he needs they will step in and back his government.

And quite frankly as we’ve watched President Putin has been working very aggressively on bringing in a whole new set of Nations including China, Iran now even offering it to Greece and many other well even some of the Russian Federation Nations as well. Belarus even and Georgia is bringing in their own economic structure powerhouse. And of course this would certainly collapse the US economy especially as a World Global Reserve by the IMF if this were to be done. One reason why Obama would much rather go to war to try to keep the US Dollar afloat. But if the things are going the way it’s looking right now the US won’t fair out very well in this particular battle because it looks like the Pope has his eye on President Putin being his New War Lord of the century. I’m Steven Ben-Nun with Israeli News Live shalom and good evening.

Vatican Now In Control of Jerusalem

Vatican Control of Jerusalem!

Transcribed By Sister Torres

Steven Ben-Nun


Steven Ben-Nun:  That are tuning in tonight on Livestream I had some interesting news bits that are going on right now I’m running with two different computers here in front of me.  One’s gonna be a little bit of historical look and the other we’re going to be looking at some of the breaking news that’s happening in and around the world.  And first off I’d like to just bring up; this is from JPost it is Politics and Diplomacy Italian Foreign Minister Peace deal could send a signal of stability to the Middle East.  Of course Israel has never agreed with this statement but he was there visiting for the first time in Jerusalem there to see Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  He said solving Israeli-Arab conflict could send a signal of peace and stability to the region, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Tuesday; softly contradicting Israel’s oft-stated position that the current regional turmoil shows the Palestinian issue is not key to a calm Middle East.  He went onto say with a photo opportunity at the Prime Minister’s Office before meeting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, find peace and security is through the traditional way; he said;  of a two-state solution, where the Palestinian people and the Jewish people could live in peace.  Well it’s clearly not going to bring peace at all.  In fact when the Jews are being forced out of Jerusalem which will happen in the not so distant future it’s definitely gonna turn in more of very unsettling way there in the Middle East.  We know this; we know it’s going to happen it is inevitable that these things are going to happen.

But it is prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes we’re going to see Micah’s prophecy in Chapter 4 being fulfilled.  We’re going to see many of the other prophesies in Zechariah, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Jeremiah all of these different prophesies being fulfilled right before our eyes.  And clearly you’re gonna find out tonight as we look at some of the historical view of what the Vatican’s desire is in controlling Jerusalem has always been to the degradation of the Jewish people.  Anyway the Italian Foreign Minister said that this was naturally not only in Israel’s hands, as you have to have partners who accept this kind of philosophy and approach to negotiations.

After listening to a sharp Netanyahu critique of the Iran nuclear deal being negotiated, Gentiloni politely demurred there as well, saying that while he understood the prime minister’s concern and respected his position, Italy hoped that such a deal could help to deescalate the tension that we have.  You can catch this article like I said it’ll be on Israeli News Live on our Facebook addition there or you can go to JPost and see this article here as well.  At any point let’s move on to a little bit of other news as well.

And in Tass Russian News Agency they are also reporting it’s very disheartening to keep hearing this news here because the people in the Donbas Region and Donetsk, East Ukraine also in Mariupol, all the civilian population there those that still remain in the country at that part of it there are certainly under attack and are dying on a daily basis.  Kiev their forces from the West of Ukraine have no concern whatsoever for the civilian population.  We do know we’ve had Rabbi Rabinowitz who watches here on Israeli News Live here recently sent a message on one of our views there that the Americans are there, he had friends in Ukraine they are reporting that American soldiers are there training the people there.

And yes this is true but as we shared with you from RT News just the other night they also have English speaking soldiers that are being dressed more in the military grab of Ukrainian people fighting right there in the frontlines there.  But anyway according to Tass Russian News Agency here it says that security forces have violated a cease fire regime 12 times, including with the use of heavy weaponry in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic over the past 24 hours.  The Ukrainian side has also their launching artillery attacks; the source is quoted by the Donetsk news agency.  And as many as 71 mines of 82mm and 120mm caliber, 10 artillery shells and 51 tank shells were launched on the DPR territory. Also, the enemy used rocket launchers and small arms as well.  It goes on to say the People’s Militia the self-proclaim

Luhansk People’s Republic reported in the meantime that Kiev’s security forces have two times violated the ceasefire regime in the republic.

The Minsk accords on the Ukrainian settlement were signed on February 12, 2015 after 14-hour negotiations between the leaders of Normandy Four Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in the Belarusian capital city of Minsk.  We wanted to bring this out because clearly Ukraine is not backing down and of course they’re not.  The Vatican is determined that Ukraine goes under the control of the European Union as well as they want to take Russia. We’ve seen this as well.

We saw this in Bush’s statement where he is running for President of the United States made the comment that the Russian people are good people they just need a change of the Regime and they should be part of the European Union.  So President Putin you no doubt are aware of this as well.

That tells us that more than likely the United States even if Barack Obama is moved from this seat will certainly engage in a war in the not so distant future because if Rome is wanting Russia underneath European control then we can probably see that war is definitely in the works I should say.

Anyway let me take you to an article here this is an older article it’s from 2012 and it was on the Trumpet.com by Brad McDonald he’s a columnists and he writes a story called Why Does the Vatican Want a Palestinian State?  And this is something I wanted to share with you.  He says much of the world seems to want the Palestinians to have a state of their own.  And of course in September 2011 we saw this they built quite a bit of notoriety at the United Nations and they were able to get a little bit of a status or recognition there.  And it definitely looks like this September they’re going to get it completely only 5 years later; ah 4 years later.  But anyway he speaks on there he says of all the supporters, though, one stands out as being especially intriguing: the Roman Catholic Church he writes.

In a statement last September, retired Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Michel Sabbah, together with representatives from various Christian communities in Israel, pledged support for the diplomatic efforts being deployed to win international recognition for the State of Palestine.

In his sermon on Christmas Day, the current Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, reiterated Catholic support for Palestinian statehood.  We want a just and comprehensive peace to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  We adhere to the position taken by the Holy See, clearly acknowledging the two-state solution with security and internationally recognized borders, he stated.  Now for those of you that already know this we know that the Catholic Church has since signed an agreement with the PLO recognizing them as a State.

They’re definitely the world leader that makes all the other nations follow suit even though we know this the Revived Roman Empire, the Babylonian Empire keep in mind according to that Biblical statement there of Daniel’s vision there it is mixed with both clay and iron.  Even my wife brought a point out recently as we were discussing this it doesn’t have the full strength of the original Babylonian Empire which was the solid brass, the iron and it doesn’t have there what’s in the legs.  So it is weakened by this showing to the nations are not even though they all are showing their alliance to Rome it still will be much easier to break in pieces.

But anyway let’s move further down in the article here and I’ll again we’ll put this there on the Facebook page Israeli News Live and from what I understand you guys should be able to get to this if you just go to your own Facebook page type in Israeli News Live and just go to that page there.  We have a lot of the news articles there.

It says here remember the Crusades?  Can you name a time in history when the Vatican sincerely endorsed Muslim control of Jerusalem?  The fact is he says; history is loaded with examples of the Vatican opposing, often violently, Muslim control of the Holy Land.

Remember Pope Urban II, the man who set off the Crusades in the Middle Ages?  The continued occupation of the holy places and above all Jerusalem itself by the infidel was Pope Urban II declared, an affront to Christendom, wrote historian John Julius Norwich.  Urban delivered his fateful speech Nov. 27, 1095, in the countryside just outside the French city of Clermont-Ferrand.  This royal city Jerusalem he’s talking about; situated at the center of the world, is now held captive by His enemies, he lamented.  It is in subjection to those who do not know God, to the worship of the heathens.  She seeks therefore and desires to be liberated, and does not cease to implore you to come to her aid.

Inspired by Urban’s call to arms and intent on earning salvation, tens of thousands of Europeans set out for Jerusalem.  In the First Crusade alone, Catholic crusaders slaughtered some 70,000 Jews and Arabs in pursuit of their goal to pry Jerusalem from the infidel. It’s sad isn’t it?   The First Crusade was followed a few decades later by another, then another, then another each an attempt to purge the Holy Land of Muslims of course and Jews as well.  History is clear the Vatican has never supported Muslim control of Jerusalem!  So why is it doing so now?  He writes in here the truth it is not!  Isn’t that interesting the Vatican is not really in support of the Palestinian’s.  I hope the Palestinians get a chance to read this article as well.

There are two reasons the Catholic Church for now is making it appear it supports a Palestinian state and greater Muslim influence over Jerusalem.  First, this effort undermines Israel’s control over the city.  When it comes to diminishing Israel’s grip on Jerusalem and its holy sites, Catholic officials are happy to let the Palestinians do the dirty work.  Amen brother amen.

Second, the Vatican’s endorsement of Palestinian statehood provides ideal cover for its own ambition to wrest control of Jerusalem from the Jews or wrestle excuse me wrest control of Jerusalem from the Jews.  Nobody Else Concerned for Jerusalem?  Hum-un!  In an article in Arutz Sheva on December 15, Italian journalist Giulio Meotti explained how Catholic authorities in recent months have increased their political initiatives for Catholic control over some sites in Jerusalem.  As we just brought out to you in not back in 2013 but yet just yesterday Giulio puts out an article again on Arutz Sheva, Israel National News that the Vatican wants to take the Temple Mount.  Why?  Well I personally believe they’ve already got it. And I also believe that if they’re building the infrastructure for a Two State Solution, in other words the check points that are there in Jerusalem that have been constructed on Highway 1.

That it’s very obvious that the deal already been agreed upon no matter how much the politicians try to say that they’re not for this it just makes me wonder how sincere are the politician in what they’re really saying.  Now I believe that there are some of those that have gotten into the government that really want the Jewish people to succeed and to end this situation of a Two State Solution completely.  You know even according to Biblical mandate God has always said; if the Gentiles that are among you want to remain among you then we are allowed to allow them to stay. But the thing is it’s not to divide the Land up and give it to everybody and their grandma’s out there this Land belongs to Israel and it needs to stay that way.  But we know prophetically it’s not going to, it’s going to be divided.  This is why God sends His Two Witnesses to bring the judgment of Almighty God upon the world for their evils.  And a lot of other things we’ll be getting into in the very near future here in other messages.

Let me read on here; in December, for example, the head of the Vatican’s Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, said that peace negotiations in the Middle East must tackle the issue of the status of the holy sites of Jerusalem.  According to Tauran, it’s time that some of Jerusalem’s holy places, including the City of David, were put under Vatican charge. After all, it’s practically just the Holy See who is concerned about Jerusalem, Tauran stated.  Don’t forget, Jerusalem is as important to the Vatican as it is to Jews and Muslims.  For Catholics, Jerusalem is the birthplace of Christianity and the setting of many important biblical events.  The Holy City, as Catholic dogma states, is its universal headquarters.  Does anyone really think the Vatican is genuinely interested in ceding control of these sites to Muslims? Of course they’re not.  That’s why I say to the Palestinians people, I say to you in friendship they are there to totally rip this from your hands.  You’re only a puppet and your politicians like Mahmoud Abbas he’s just playing all of you!  You know this is ridiculous.

At the very least, the Vatican’s endorsement of Palestinian statehood is political chicanery.  More than likely, it’s a calculated ruse, part of a Trojan horse strategy by which the Vatican seeks to gain the trust of the Palestinians and international community before more actively staking its claim to Jerusalem and its holy sites.  Exactly!  To internationalize Jerusalem, to fake a Millennial Reign it’s exactly what they’re doing.  Whatever happens, don’t expect the Vatican to stand by and cheer as Muslims assume control of Christianity’s holy sites.  That will NEVER happen he states.

It’s important to keep an eye on Jerusalem, and especially on the Vatican’s involvement in the city.  Bible prophecy tells us Jerusalem is the nucleus of end-time events, and that the Catholic Church will make a play for the Holy City in the final days before Christ’s return. The Trumpet has often pointed to the prophecy in Daniel 11:40, which describes a gigantic clash between Catholic Europe and Iran and its radical Islamic supporters.  In verse 41, we read that after Europe’s army defeats the Iranian-led king of the south, it will be invited into the GLORIOUS LAND Jerusalem, and MANY COUNTRIES SHALL BE OVERTHROWN.  Now this is the article that I’m still reading you because and just let me finish it, it almost done here.

According to this prophecy, the climactic events that precede the return of Christ revolve around Jerusalem!  This city, as our editor in chief has explained, is a thermometer for measuring the imminence of Jesus Christ’s Second Coming.  Stay tuned! The more the tension rises between Jews and Palestinians—and the more the Catholic Church interferes in Jerusalemthe closer we are to this awesome, history-altering event!  Is that not the truth the coming of Yeshua HaMashiach?

And let me just say this too cause I’ll be bringing this out in an actual teaching video I’m hoping to do tonight I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to do it.  But I will be talking more about the 3rd Temple and I said this to my Jewish brethren as well; the Vatican is wanting the 3rd Temple I know that the Jewish people want the 3rd Temple as well but it’s really the Vatican that’s behind all of this.  And they’re not doing it for your sake they’re doing it for their own sake and you’re just going to be cheated out of it.  That’s just plain and simple you are not going to have anything and to offer blood sacrifice this is not what Moses commanded in the first place.  You need to read some of our passages even Rabbi Tovia Singer knows this many of the Rabbis know but anyway we need to really go into the Word of God.

That’s what I really want to share with you tonight that’ll certainly be a blessing I do believe from the book of Hosea.  I’m hoping I can do this video tonight I got a lot of work still ahead.  And so God’s bless you and this is the conclusion of Israeli News Live for those of you that are listening on You Tube where this will be posted later.  So we’ll sign off here with you.  And just for a moment I’ll speak to those that are on Livestream.

All right let me just state looks like you guys are still able to listen let me just see what you guys may have said because I can’t see nothing when it’s going.  You are so welcome all of you there that’s right Yeshua that’s exactly right Sister Dixie it’s with a Ya because He takes his Father’s Name exactly.  It’s a blessing to see 42 people have actually come in tonight so the audience is growing that’s on Livestream we thank God for that.  And you guys I tell you what if you only knew what’s going on.  This is sad we’re gonna see a lot of things change in the very near future a lot of things and there is a lot of messages that I’ll be bringing out the Lord has really been dealing with my heart very heavily.

And there’s some things that I need to share with you guys, something’s that the Lord has been revealing about the closing hours that we’re living in.  And it’s gonna be tough, it’s gonna be tough to hear and it’s gonna be tough to take but I know you guys are able to handle these things.  I know you guys are you know as I always say we want to know what the truth is we’re not interested in tickling anyone’s ears we want to tell you what the truth is.  This is an hour you have to remember even Yeshua said, Yeshua said when they asked Him the question doesn’t the scripture say that Elias must first come?  He said; truly he shall first come and restore all things. 

He says to Moses that He’s going into the Promised Land look at that in Exodus 34 he’s going into the Promised Land and yet God already said; Moses is not going into the Promised Land.  Now God knew that Moses would strike that rock, God knew that He would say that Moses was not going into the Promised Land.  So you know Exodus 34 just has not been fulfilled. Moses is coming back.  Now whether that’s his spirit that was on him on someone and Elijah the same I can’t say.  I do not know or if it’s them themselves, however God wants to do that’s fine with me that’s up to Him.  But the thing is the Lord’s been dealing with the type of ministry they’re bringing and this is going to stun the world.

And I’ve just by His grace He’s allowed me to see a little bit more of that type of ministry.  And I’m working on a book right now called What Would Moses Say?  And it takes you back into just some interesting, interesting you’re welcome sister; it takes you back into some very interesting ah; things that are written in the Bible that most people have just overlooked.  Amen, amen, Sister Becky.  You know well I tell you what we’ll go ahead and end now if anybody’s got a question go ahead and ask me real quick before I close off I just like cause we have a small group anyway.

So if you’ve got a question I’ll see if I can answer it real quick and then I’ve got to get back busy here taking care of things here.  So I’ll just kind of wait and see because I know it takes on Livestream it’s probably down by about 10, 15 seconds.  Thank you Adrienne God bless you.  Well Sister Shellie I’ll you what that’s one of the things that I’m gonna be teaching on very soon.  A lot of people believe that The Rapture happens and then they come and I used to always believe this as well. But quite frankly I believe it’s the other way around.  I know a little while back the Lord dwelt with me that when we look; you know because Paul said (1st Thessalonians 4:16); you know we which are alive and remain should not hinder nor prevent them that are asleep and the dead in Christ shall rise first.  And I have wondered if that was not alluding to the death of the Two Witnesses when they rise up.

But the main reason why I say this though is because Yeshua said that: Elijah would come and restore all things.  So if Elijah’s going to come and restore all things and we even see in Malachi 4 that Elijah comes before the great and dreadful day of the Lord, this is message of restoration.  And the bride must be without spot or wrinkle Jesus even said that; this Gospel will be preached into all the earth and then the end will come.  So God has got to get His Bride ready for the Rapture and I believe they’re messages both to Jew and Gentile alike.  And that’s something that I’ve been leaning to more so here recently I don’t say it as an absolute you know I’m perfectly find it He wants to come now I’m ready to go.  I don’t care to stay a moment longer so let me just say it that way as well and I know that this is really it kind of makes people more nervous because they say well gosh you know I thought we were supposed to get out of here sooner?  Well you know what I tell you what more and more that we look at these things we’re seeing that if He was coming before-hand it’s getting awful late, very late.

So anyway amen ah; do we think we’re close?  Absolutely we are very close, we’re very close.  And keep in mind too when the Scripture says (Isaiah 36:20); you know God says and this is found in the Jewish Bible; let us be hidden away until His wrath be past.  You know God’s wrath comes after they kill the Two Witnesses if you think of it in that respect there, amen, amen.

Anyway guys I love all of you so much thank you for watching and share it with your friends there and the more we can get on Livestream it’s kind of wonderful.  I wanted a kind of a secondary way to be able to do these videos too because I’m always concerned that You Tube is gonna shut us down because we make a lot of noise in You Tube.  And Rome doesn’t like that so we’re trying to just find a new way of being able to bring out news and videos as well to where we have a little bit more chance of not being just shut down.  Anyway we’ll see you guys again tomorrow night.  Love you guys all of you and hopefully you’ll be on at 10 pm as well and then of course this Shabbat we have a special message coming out this Shabbat as well.  So hope you’ll be able to be a part of that as well.  Shalom, God bless you all and thank you for being a part of this ministry good night.

Pope Francis Fulfills Biblical Prophecy

During Passover of 2014 Pope Francis and his delegation visited Jerusalem to conduct a mass at the upper room. This stirred an outcry by the Israelis orthodox community, because it was a clear indication that the Jewish people were losing the sovereignty of Mount Zion. The upper room the sight of Jesus’s Last Supper sits directly above the tomb of David, and what the Orthodox Jewish people feared came to pass, Rome gained sovereignty over Mount Zion.

I wonder how many people really know that what happened in Jerusalem 2014 was biblical fulfillment. The prophet Obadiah clearly prophesied of this event:

 15: for the day of the Lord is near upon all the heathen: as you have done, is shall be done unto you: your reward shall return upon your own head. 

16 for as you have drunk upon my holy Mountain, So shall the heathen drink continually, yea they shall drink, and they shall swallow down, and they shall be as though they had not been.

17 but upon Mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; And the house of Jacob shop posses their possessions.

Obadiah 1: 15-17


When we examine these verses in the Hebrew language we find the word used for; “Drink” is masculine plural indicating to me that only men were involved in the first communion service. When the verse continues to say; they shall drink, it is gender inclusive which was fulfilled the following week when the Catholic Church held a mass in the tomb of David. Both men and women participated in this mass. However, Pope Francis and his delegation were men only and clearly fulfilled the first part of verse 16 in Obadiah. This is certainly a newsworthy event that has transpired.

Jerusalem Has Been Taken From The Israeli People

Two days ago Giulio Meotti wrote an Op-Ed for Israel National News entitled: The Vatican Wants The Temple Mount Taken From The Jews. In Giulio’s article he also made a very bold statement:

The Vatican-PLO agreements have been signed to enable the eviction of the Jews from Jerusalem. This follows a memorandum signed by Palestinian and Vatican officials in 2000 which repeated the Vatican call for an international mandate to preserve “the proper identity and sacred character” of Jerusalem. It means a return to a time when half of Israel’s capital was under Islamic control, the Old City was closed to Jews, the synagogues were desecrated, and walls, barbed wire, and snipers divided the city by force. By Giulio Meotti Israel National News

Some may find it nearly impossible to believe that Israel would allow Jerusalem to become an International City, but I have been a witness to the infrastructure being built that only confirms this to be true. The most compelling of all is the widening of Hwy 1 coming up from Ben Gurion Airport into Jerusalem. This is the main road travel by all incoming tourist to enter Jerusalem and it is also the on e road that has been a part of the State of Israel since 1967. But now this road, Hwy 1, has a new structure being built right over the top of it coming up through the mountains. The structure is currently two huge arches with obviously signs of where more will be added in the near future as the construction switches lanes. The wire harness located at the ends of the structure seem to support state of the art cubicles may be installed at this what no doubt is shaping up to be a check point that Israeli’s will be required to use as they come into the City Jerusalem that was once there own.

Obvious the Vatican has a lot of power over this tiny Nation of Israel. I can clearly see Jerusalem being internationalized as yet another prophetic event from Micah 4:10

Be in pain, and labor to bring forth, O Daughter of Zion. Like a woman in travail: for now thou shalt go forth out of the city, and thou shalt dwell in the field…

If Jerusalem is internationalized then Giulio Meotti suggested the Jews will be evicted from Jerusalem.