War Drums in Europe; Obama Threatens Netanyahu!

Institution of Biblical Research;

Israeli News Live:

New Port Richey, Florida;

March 20, 2015;

Steven Ben-Nun (De-Noon);

War Drums in Europe; Obama Threatens Netanyahu!

Transcribed by Sister Torres


Steven Ben-Nun: Boker tov; I’m Steven Ben-Nun and you are watching Israeli News Live. Quite a few articles are going on that we are watching and following including the Obama Administration threatening Netanyahu. There are reports that ISIS will be invading Europe in the very near future and as well the armament buildup by the United States in Eastern Block of Former Soviet States and Russia’s concern over the matter.

I’m Steven Ben-Nun let’s take a look at these stories here. Reported in several different places the 1st one I’d like to look at is since the election of Prime Minister Netanyahu and his unexpected win in Israel the Obama Administration was very quick to first re-affirm their commitment to a 2 State Solution as well as threatening the Prime Minister if he did not immediately and effectively go along with this plan. According to the Associated Press an article called Obama Admin threatens Netanyahu with consequences. It says here in Washington AP the Obama Administration signaled on Wednesday it could take a tougher stance towards Benjamin Netanyahu following his decisive election victory and campaign tack to the right. Saying there will be consequences for his sudden reversal on the idea of an independent Palestinian State. While senior’s American official said the administration was still evaluating options they suggested the US could ease its stanch opposition to Palestinian turning to the UN Security Council to create a state.

There are policy ramifications for what he said the official said of Netanyahu’s campaign rederick rejecting the creation of a Palestinian State this is a position of record. If Netanyahu holds firm to his opposition to a 2 State Solution of the Middle East Conflict it could force whoever sits on the Oval Office now and in the next administration to choose between the Prime Minister and a long standing US Policy with bi-partisan support.

Now those of you that may be aware Netanyahu has since recanted his statement in the elections which is a shame on him. He claimed that he never meant that there would not be a 2 State Solution, he said but under the current situation in Israel there could not be a 2 State Solution. He was clarifying his stance on that and clearly anyone that is agreeable to a 2 State Solution is in violation of the Word of God of Joel 2:2 in dividing the Land of Israel and will come under the consequences that God will have to dwell with in that matter there.

So whether it be the Obama administration we know that the American people there are many American’s that believe and love Israel and stand with Israel regardless of the consequences that she is faced with. And we know that Obama Administration is not reflecting the major majority of the United States people but nonetheless God will not sit idle back while His Land is parted and then expect nothing will come as a consequence as a result of this action.

In other news we’re also finding that the Libyan Army according to an article that was 1st reported on Al Jazeera a Libyan Army Chief warns ISIS will invade Europe. The General Khalifa Hafta head of the Libyan Army warned that Islamic State ISIS terrorist running rampant into the North African State are set to infiltrate Europe and expand their reign of terror into the West, speaking about the United States.


Hafta who represented the army of Libya’s Government that has received international recognition but has driven out the Tripoli by rival government back by Islamic Militants demanded the West supply his army with weapons to stave off the extreme ISIS group in his country. ISIS will spread to even the European Countries if the West does not offer real help to the Libyan people he stated. Especially in the Libyan Army he told the Associated Press He warned the ISIS terrorist will head with the illegal migrants to Europe where corruption and destruction will spread just like in Libya but there it will be hard to confront them he warns. His warnings are given greater weight by a video last month of ISIS’s terrorists vowing that they’re conquest in Libya will serve as a springboard for the European invasion a very serious thing’s there going on.

Now moving on Moscow has slammed the US plans for armor deployment in Eastern Europe in fact the convoys have already began across Europe. We can clearly see imagery and we would like to get into those Europeans States our self if it’s possible to catch you some of that live footage as well of US Military equipment crossing Europe. It’s supposed to be a 9 day convoy going to different countries but especially to Ukraine this build up is mainly meant for Ukraine where there is a Civil War in the country. Russia is backing the Eastern Donbass Region and of course the NATO and its allies with the United States is backing the Western part of the Ukrainians and the Prime Minister there who overthrew the Russian President of Ukraine back last year in 2014.

Now Moscow says here in their particular argument over this NATO voices concern over Russian drills and increased activity near its border. NATO is saying this but Moscow is saying that; officials said a dozen public relations and communications experts; I’m sorry wrong article.

We have taken note of the statements of Hodges that was made in Washington on March 17th the Russian Foreign Ministry comment runs as follows from what he said. Now this is from Mr. Hodges out of the United States as follows from what he said in the near future there will follow a buildup of US forces in Eastern European Countries within the framework of the Operation Atlantic Resolve. In particular the Fleet of US armor the number of both Abram’s main battle tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles will be increases from 60 pieces to 220. As he dwelt on the deployment options Hodges speculated it would be preferable to keep the vehicles in Eastern European Countries on open ended terms saying that it would be a normal state of affairs.

Russia’s very much opposed to this, Russia says in that connection we would like to recall the obligations; the alliance assumed under the Russian-NATO founding Act on non-deployment of considerable combat forces on the permanent basis in territory of newly admitted members in other words the Eastern European Countries.   Which Hodges was referring to according to our estimates the case of the deployment of US Armor on the permanent basis of NATO’s Eastern flank and the mention amounts will emerge solid reasons for calling in question the alliances compliance with these liabilities. The Russian Foreign Ministry said if a policy undermine the key provisions they went on to say of the founding act is normal state of affairs. That means that Washington openly neglects the interest of European security and deliberately moves toward destabilization of military political situation the commentary said. The Russian Foreign Ministry hopes that Europe does see the risk of unconditionally following the advice from US Generals and will opt for approaches that will rule out the risk of slide towards a military confrontation between Russia and NATO. So it’s clear Russia is letting the West know; NATO know that there will be a confrontation if the escalation continues.

And clearly the escalation will not stop, the United States, NATO and its allies, the Vatican who is over all of this is pushing for this front to be built up. There is a very much in fact it’s very interesting because the European Union also is saying that they will not lift sanctions they have implemented them to go all the way to the end of the year now. They said that they will not be lifted until there comes a complete cease fire.

Now from what we understand there has been a cease fire there was an agreement made on the 12th of February in Minsk. The Eastern Ukraine’s has seemed to of the independent republic there had seemed to be trying to honor this cease fire and yet there is huge military buildup. And now the Prime Minister of Kiev there is saying that they are going to take back Eastern Ukraine which means they will do it by force. There are bold statements are being made because the United States is sending military hardware in, military troops along with NATO along with 11 European Union Nations are sending troops and weapons into Ukraine to be able to fight and take that back.

This will no doubt lead to an all-out war and could spread far outside of Ukraine’s borders with Russia. And it’s one reason why the United States is also putting military hardware in all the former Soviet States a 120 in which already made it to Latvia. No doubt; no reason, no surprise why we see Russia has been right off the territorial waters of Latvia they have already been strengthened in their armament from the United States and from the NATO forces. And to top it off the European Union and we’ve seen this a little while back but the European Union is now beginning to start its own television station broadcast in Russian to basically counteract as they call it disinformation from Russian television. Because they know that there are a lot of Russian’s in the former Soviet States and with them doing a buildup there of course.

There is again a risk of another situation like in Ukraine from the Russian people that are part of the Former Soviet States. So they’re concerned about that with the Russian people that are living in the States. They have started a new channel that is being watched in order to spread the word against as they call it Russian dis-information. The European Union is set to launch a first operation and a new propaganda war with Russia within days of EU Leaders giving formal approval to the campaign to submit. On Thursday officials said dozen public relations and communications experts would start work by the end of March in Brussels where the brief to counter what the EU says is deliberate misinformation coordinated by the Kremlin over Moscow’s role and aims in Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe.

It is the 1st stage of the plan that leaders from EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini to finalize by June which may include efforts to produce and share Russian language broadcast programming notable for ethnic Russian’s and ex-Soviet States. Those communities currently tune in heavily to Russian State broadcasts which have bigger production budgets than local stations for their entertainment output as well as news. EU Leaders mostly especially in the Baltic States have been alarmed how Moscow has used its media to gain support for its use and policies with budgets that are still likely to dwarf a few million Euros a year the official said that EU may provide.

I’m Steven Ben-Nun we are seriously watching the developments in Eastern Europe, Ukraine with Russia, the West, the United States. And I might say we do prefer democracy our self but nonetheless this situation is spiraling rapidly out of control and it will soon no doubt lead to a massive war. And we see now that not only Russia but ISIS planning to come in to attack Europe as well as the West and we know that Russia has strong ties with Iran and Iran has strong ties with these radical Islamic groups.

Nothing but chaos and mayhem in the future in Israel with the facing of a dividing the Land of Israel and certainly invasions will happen there. Judgement will follow and a whole string of events certainly to play out. I’m Steven Ben-Nun with Israeli News Live shalom.

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