The Vatican’s Court – United Nations

Mahmoud Abbas gave a speech at the United Nations that was accusatory and out right inflammatory. Accusing Israel of war crimes in the recent defense “Protective Edge “a defensive move that Israel was forced into, a war that it did not seek. After relentless missiles that were fired into southern Israel by the radical Islamic group Hamas in the Gaza strip and the escalation of the three Jewish teens that were murdered, Israel had to do something to stop the tide of violence.

In Abbas’s speech at the UN, he titled the campaign as the; “50 Day War of Genocide” and vowing to bring war crime charges against the Jewish State. It is an outrage that this Vatican puppet Mahmoud Abbas has even the audacity to accuse Israel of war crimes when it has been proven in video surveillance that Hamas uses it citizens schools and day care facilities as Human shields rocket launching points and flat out Hamas fighters have been scene grabbing children in their arms while they fired back at Israeli forces.

Strangely the United States actually took a stand for Israel though it concerns me that the US refers to Abbas as “President” might as well give them a state without asking the Israeli’s. However that said the US Department of State Spokesperson sharply criticized Abbas saying his comments were “Offensive” The State Department Representative Jen Psaki stated “President Abbas speech today include offensive characterization that were deeply disappointing and which we regret”

Prime Minister Netanyahu has vowed to take the fight to the United Nations to be “Voice” of the People of Israel. To challenge Abbas’s accusations and absurdities. I can only hope the PM Netanyahu will use the video evidence in his presentation that proves Hamas to be the heartless thugs that they really are.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is also to use the trip to shore up more support from the international community. Does the PM forget that The G-d of Israel stated all Nations will turn against us? Did he forget that it displeased the Almighty that we have trusted in the Shadow of Pharaoh and not rather consulted Him – The G-d of Israel for our Salvation?

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