US Generals Elaborate Plan to Surround Damascus

US and UK Forces Crossing into Syria from Jordan

US Generals have staged forces to surround Damascus. In February US Generals meet with Lebanese leaders to discuss military aid. Well that was a good cover to place US troops on Syria’s border to the West of Damascus. The independent news source, Already Happened, had uncovered on April 2,2017 two Ark ships that had loaded US military equipment in Romania that was bound for Beirut Lebanon. This shipment of military arms under the cover of Military aid to Lebanon no doubt will be staged for an assault on Damascus from the West. Israel has troops in the Golan currently involved in exercises making the for a tense situation after having already several confrontations with Syria over the past few months. If the US conducts a strike on Damascus it puts Israel in a prime position to either assist or protect their own interest from the Golan. The US and their allies have obviously planned for months to surround Damascus in a very clandestine way.

Russia fell for Turkey’s staged coup, seemed evident to us that Erdogan used this coup opportunity to gain Putin’s trust and to put Turkish forces inside Syria’s northern border. There is no doubt that he US helped to coordinate this staged coup. Daniel the Biblical prophet had said:

Dan 11:44 But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.


Russia and China’s unexpected involvement in Syria has troubled NATO but no they have come to make away many –  to destroy their enemy. Erdogan has become the Judas of Russia, he has delivered the Russian Bear to destruction. Perhaps not entirely but as Daniel records many will die.

Israeli News Live had warned the world that President Erdogan was working with NATO In staged Coup for this very purpose for the demise of Syria.

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  1. President Bush made the announcement that countries that harbor terrorists would be considered at war with us also. And I believe that the former murdered Czar of Russia all the way to Putin is very much in prophesy. I would like to know your thoughts of that.

  2. Do you have Russia in prophecy concerning the last Czar to Putin? And did you know that Putin is Catholic.

    1. i thaught putin was russian orthodox (christian i think u meant), he visited the monastery in greece recently, its on youtube

  3. Might need to expound on what a “Ro-Ro Ship is,” Most people don’t know what a roll on roll off vessel is and what it’s used for unless you are a Navy guy like me and worked with them. 🙂

  4. Steve except russia have 59 misille it will be impossible to intercept because 59 tomahawk are a lots, that may be the reason why only 27 made it. May be they ran out of misille

    1. Puten is a former KGB agent & is proud to announce he is a Communist. He has ruled Russian for at least 17 years now & something always mysteriously happens to anyone that try’s to run against him. He controls the media & chooses what the population is exposed to. His yearly salary is reported to be $17,000 per year, yet he is the richest man in the world owning countless mansions with lakes for his yachts. So where does all this extra $ come from???

  5. I was born again about 3 yrs ago. Living in these times is frightening, yet comforting in that I look very forward to seeing Christ soon. But I pray always to have my family and friends to become believers, too. SOON! Please join me in prayer as I will pray for all, too!!!

    1. Thank you Jennifer. Most of us have unsaved family members. We must pray unceasingly regardless of the position. Our God is miracle working God and He does hear and answer the prayers of the faithful. What is impossible for us is possible with God. Let us be persistent in our prayer of intercession for our all our loved ones and the nation as well

    2. Amen brother. I have have been feeling scared. I’m waiting for the two witnesses to come back and repair GOD’S doctrine. I’m very fearful. I have asked for forgiveness and need to walk to do his will. I feel I fail every time.

      1. Michael , I only just now saw your post of August 2017 . I felt lead to share this with you : fear and failure are attributes of our spiritual enemy . When walking in that mindset , it leaves a chink in our Armour . Renounce failure and fear , repent and march on in Victory . Shalom .

  6. Our redemption draws nigh. …praying for all to accept Jesus and not reject Jesus…

    Prophecy being fulfilled

    Look up!

  7. Shalom Steven, You and so many other Believers have taken Isaiah 17 out of context. We must read and interpret chapter 17 in the context of Isaiah chapters 13 to 31. Until you see the big picture formed by all these chapters you will misunderstand the individual chapters.

  8. Israel Minister: “The Time Has Come to Assassinate Bashar Assad.
    Greater Israel plan is unfolding, Deep State has become actieve and Trump
    staying in the way, by having received the Russian Foreigh Minister in the
    White House, defusing the tenstions built up against Russia.
    ISIS would use labtops to danger airtrafic. What a topsecret… fabricated by the Inteligent Service Israel State,
    in order to undermine president Trump and try to install a new president…. who is fully controllable by the Deep State shadow government…

  9. So, President Trump will not move the embassy to Jerusalem now? God had said that nobody will split His capital. What times these are! Reporters are scratching their heads wondering why Trump won? Answer is one word: Abortion. “A person’s a person no matter how small.” Dr. Seuss

  10. The Zionists have planned for over one hundred
    years ago the forming of the State of Israel and the geater Israel reaching from the Nile Delta to the Tigris with Jerusalem and the to built temple as middlepoint.
    The book of Revelation telling us that the New Jerusalem is coming down from heaven.
    Focussing on the earthly Jerusalem and coming temple is meaning in reality looking forward to the Anti Christ
    sitting in the temple of god as a god complete with
    the reinstated system of offerings rejecting the Offer of JESUS the CHRIST.

  11. folks you gotta think out side the box and research and pray…..WE fit Babylon ….Jeremiah 50 and 51 Isaiah 13 and 47 …out of 147 verses USA fits over 50…evey detail…dump Hal Lindsey and the counter reformation end time teachings..

    1. it is a mystery babylon, mother of harlots and abominations of the world. It is most probably a reference to secret societies, which rule the world, USA, EU, Russia… even Israel has been caught captive by the Babylon. So we should be careful not to be partakers of her sins, not to receive of her plagues. Like Daniel, for example, who was a Governor in Babylon, but didn’t go along to ge along…

  12. Luke 2:1-3 (ESV) 1 In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered. 2 This was the first registration when Quirinius was governor of Syria. 3 And all went to be registered, each to his own town. So All the tribes of Israel were put in position for the Son of God to be born. I believe in the same way, God is bringing back all the tribes to Israel to again put them into position for the Return of the Son of God. Yĕhovah’s ways are higher than our ways.

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