“The Coming Persecution” Orlando Conference March 30th 2019

March 30th 2019 the Coming Persecution Conference will take you on a one day journey that you will never forget. Speakers: Jana Bennun, Dr Stephen Pidgeon and Steven Ben-Nun will each speak on subjects that are paramount to the times we are living in. Don’t be blindsided by what is really coming!

We have been unable to set up a ticketing system this time around so we have decided to use the same format as our last Orlando conference. The cost is $50. per person, you can click the donation button on our website or the link below please make the donation with the number in your group as well as your names and the fact the donation is for the “Orlando Conference”. this event is non-refundable. groups over 3 tickets are $45. dollars each after the first three. You can print your donation as a receipt or screen capture your donation.

One week before conference we will advise as to the number of seats available to be purchased at the door if still available.

Donation for Conference attendance “click here”

Details will be updated soon:

March 30,2019

9AM – 9PM

Embassy Suites By Hilton

225 Shorecrest Dr Altamonte Springs FL 32701

18 thoughts on ““The Coming Persecution” Orlando Conference March 30th 2019”

  1. Very interested in attending this conference and meeting Steven and Jana. Please keep me updated on the cost and how to register should I be able to attend.
    Thank you and the Lord bless and keep you!

  2. I will come out from CA and bring a FL friend if we can have two seats for the FL
    conference please. Anxious to hear what you guys have to say.

    First we heard it was the Jesuits, then the Illuminati, then the Masons, then the globalists
    and then the new age transformers. I suspected Islam would overcome America. Now you
    say it will be the Pharisees???? And then what about the aliens and those reptilians under
    ground in the deep underground bases or Antartica?? I AM SO CONFUSED AND NEED TO

  3. Please let me know when you may be making a trip further north. I live an hour north of Green Bay, WI. I would love to be at one of the meetings you are at.

  4. definitely want to attend this March conference so I will be watching for the registration info… the subject matter is critically important.

  5. I would love, to attend this conference,please let me know information for tickets.

    Also by chance do you have any one who can translate into Spanish?

  6. Do you have information on your March conference? I would like to attend but I can’t find any information on your web site on this.

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