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US False Claims Against Syria and its Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons

The Russian MOD (Military of Defense) has insisted evidence exist that supports jihadist plans on staging a false flag chemical attack in Idlib Syria. The finger has been pointed squarely at the White Helmets by Syria’s allies. While the Western Allies and their Mainstream Media giants all insist that Assad is the real threat and will stop at nothing to insure his victory regardless of the cost. Yet the West has a few independent journalist that have taken a very serious look at the accusations against the Assad regime.

The West relies on Human rights group like Amnesty International in Syria as well as social media post to authenticate their evidence that the Syrian the government  perpetrates  chemical  attacks against its own citizens. The White Helmets also became a major contributor for video footage that it claimed was proof that President Assad was using Chemical weapons against its own people.

But both the White Helmets and Amnesty International came under fire by Independent media as they began to relentlessly examine the facts in this war torn region. Falsified reports staged photos and video-opps were being reported by both groups, and even more damaging were witnesses in the actual videos by the White Helmets that begin to come forward and reveal the sinister plots to sway the minds of the West in thinking President Bashar al-Assad was some evil Tyrant. The public had been blinded by the what appeared to be a well orchestrated propaganda machine. The words of US General Wesley Clark had suppressed. No longer did Americans remember the great American General and Patriot had warned as the US plot was to take down seven nations in five years which Syria was included.

But I suppose what has troubled me the most, as I watch Main Stream Media still pump out the narrative that Assad used Chemical weapons against his own people, is the overwhelming unbiased testimony coupled with hard core factual evidence given by MP Eren Erdem before the Turkish Parliament exonerating President Assad of the use of Chemical Weapons. Eren Erdem stood before the Turkish parliament with arrest records and indictments in hand to call on his colleagues to take action in a case of enormous implications. The evidence revealed a conspiracy by the Turkish government to smuggle Sarin Gas through its borders and to be placed into the hands of ISIS militants. President Erdogan who was then Prime Minister of Turkey was named as the main conspirator in passing the chemical weapons into the hands of ISIS militants. MP Erdem also revealed the police records that showed ISIS militants were wire tapped and followed and intentionally allowed to detonate themselves in Ankara that killed score of people that was used to justify Turkey’s need to enter the war in Syria blaming the Kurds for the attack when Turkish authorities knew it had nothing to do with the Kurds.

MP Eren Erdem was dismissed in parliament by his colleagues and finally he appealed to the public in his televised interview with Rt that would cause his arrest by the Turkish government on charges of treason, of which he was innocent. Yet his facts presented have since been corroborated by the American journalist Seymour Hersh and other independent journalist like Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlet.

In every case of alleged chemical attacks in Syria the evidence has been overwhelming that the Syrian government has not used such weapons against its own people but regardless of such overwhelming evidence such manipulative stories still suppress the truth.


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