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Idlib May Become the Flashpoint of a Global Conflict

Idlib Syria may become the flashpoint for global war.  Free nations.net published an article on September 9, 2018 alleging that 200 United States and British forces were trapped in Western Syria the province of Idlib. according to the authors of the article the United States and British governments tried to negotiate with the Turkish authorities on removing their forces via Turkey to the Incirlk airbase. the Turkish government denied the request, and the article went on to claim that the United States has been trying to negotiate with Russia on removing their troops from this embattled province. It seems Russia would help facilitate this move but the United Kingdom was not willing to work with the Russians.


It’s rather interesting that the United Kingdom would rather risk the lives of their own soldiers in the face of public scrutiny that Russia may not be as bad as  British media has portrayed them in the media. The Scripal Case has become such a political issue that it undermines the humanitarian needs of the soldiers on the ground. The author of the article from free nation.net does not seem to indicate whether the United States would allow its soldiers to be rescued separately.


however, this war in Syria seems to be headed in a very ill-fated way. It could truly become the flashpoint of a global conflict. Unless cooler heads prevail the Syrian conflict which has nearly been won by Pres. Bashar al-Assad with the help of the Russian Federation. Yet when I see this dangerous path that NATO members are taking I cannot  help but surmise that the battle could take a historical turn. As we reminisce back to the days of the prophet Elisha I think to myself as the prophet who visited the city of Damascus, the king of  Syria, Ben-Hadad  had fallen ill of a sickness. He sent a messenger to the prophet Elisha and asked if he would recover from the illness. Elisha saw in a vision that indeed the king of Syria would have recovered from the illness. However, he would die, for the prophets all the trusted advisor to the King of Syria would turn against him and murder him.


As I watch the Syrian crisis unfold I am reminded of the story in the book of Kings. And though perhaps the Syrian president by Shar al-Assad would recover from a seven-year civil war-hardly could be called a Civil War with 35 nations attacking. He would recover but those few Syrians much like the biblical narrative have turned against their king and this will be the demise of Syria. As I watch this play out I am reminded of why the prophet Elisha wept so bitterly. For he knew the new leadership of Syria would turn on Israel. As we know there is still yet a prophecy to be fulfilled that many Israelis will die as a result of a horrific war. I hope this does not play out in this fashion, it would be nicer if President Trump would pull the US forces out of Syria and be a true leader of peace. But he has been dealt a hand by the world’s elite rulers and I am sure he will play at one okay