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Kansas Conference Dec 1st & 2nd 2018 – Update

Inside Look in whats coming

DeNoon conference itinerary

Saturday December 1

1:30pm-2:30pm Jana on 5G
2:30pm -4:00pm Stephen P on
Mamzer: Why leadership is what it is
4:00-5:30pm. Steven B speaks on his 7 year experience in the CIA intelligence community

Sunday December 2

9:00am – 10:30am Stephen P on Political history of Vatican control over the US
10:30am – 12:00pm. Steven B on Jesuit infiltration of the churches leading the nation to a New World Order

12:00pm – 1:30pm break for lunch
Everyone on their own for lunch

1:30pm -3:30 pm Jana on Israel has been hijacked
3:30pm- 5:00pm Steven B on – Who are the Zionists working with to manufacture a millennial reign?

End conference


Update we may very well be having a  2 day conference Dec 1st and 2nd 2018 in Shawnee Kansas. The amount of information being shared at this event is amazing. We will be discussing the dangers of 5G and trans humanism. The corruption of Government and how Evangelical leaders have joined the move towards a New world Order. Some speakers will take you back in history and show you the plots that has brought our nation today to a place where we blindly support  terrorist activities on a global scale.

Friends we will be in Conference full day on Dec 2 2018 in Shawnee Kansas just outside of Kansas city Kansas,. I can assure you we will be uncovering who the Wizard of Oz really is. An eye opener for sure. If you plan on attending you can let us know here in the comment section of this article. seating is limited and we must know if you are coming and who will be in your group.




Conference Venue

7436 Nieman Rd
Shawnee KS 66203


Hotels: SpringHill Suites KC / Lenexa – City Center
17190 West 87th Street Pkwy | Lenexa, KS 66219
p 913 225 9955 | d 913 802 4536


Will “Yandex” Become the New World Order Search Engine?

Yandex is Russia’s Google but it may be much bigger than that, in a New World Order. According to President’s Erdogan’s Senior adviser he encourages people to switch from Google to Yandex and boast that Yandex will be the Search engine of the New World Order. Yigit Bulut was on a television News Broadcast when he asserted this about Yandex. He is  is also a Turkish journalist and a senior advisor to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. He was editor-in-chief at news channels Habertürk TV and Kanal 24 as listed by Wikipedia.

It wasn’t too long ago when President Putin was speaking about switching to its own internal servers when concerned about the US monopoly of the World Wide Web. according to the Guardian President Putin referred to the internet as a “project of the CIA” and vowed to break it up. I never considered that this could be a signal of a New World Order project even though I had been told by an insider that the BRICS nations were the New Global Economy for a New World Order.

So when will the change come, hard to tell but its worth watching the destabilization of America in what I deem to be a possible staged coup much like that of Turkey’s apparent coup in 2016. Then we will see a New World Order like that of Eastern China.

New World Order Agenda Strips Parental Rights!

New World Order Agenda Strips Parental Rights!

Transcribed by Sister Torres


          Steven Ben-Nun: Erev Tov Chaverim; I’m Steven Ben-Nun you’re watching Israeli News Live and we are going in this evening about the parent’s rights that recently in Israel has been proposed to be put into law taking away the rights from the parents giving children rights over their own parents. And as I was getting ready to come back and look at this here again actually let me real quick then go to our Israeli News Live on Facebook because this is where the original article is kind of hard to find it at this point here. So let me just quickly run into Israeli News Live pull this up for you.

Moshe Feiglin who used to be part of the Likud Party but is no longer part of that he actually has come out against this himself. And I’m glad to see that he’s making the stand as well he was running for Prime Minister but some of the issues that we’re confronted against him by Prime Minister Netanyahu caused him to lose this particular race there. But he’s probably one of the best candidates that could be for Prime Minister of Israel. And I’m hoping we actually put this article on our Israeli News Live I’m not seeing it at this particular moment there. May be didn’t maybe we didn’t get up there I thought we did though. But ok well I guess not then.

(http://www.jewishisrael.org/inn-feiglin-on-anti-parent-bill-stalin-is-here/); at any rate though this let’s go back then to Moshe Feiglin’s response to this he says here; Feiglin on the Anti-Parent Bill; Stalin is here is his response to it on this particular bill. It says; Moshe Feiglin has come out against the proposed parents and their children law which the Ministerial Committee on legislation approved legislation Sunday calling it a frightening law.

It’s already been approved and I had several of you guys actually sent me information letting me know this is actually part of the New World Order Agenda it is part of the Agenda 21 Plan. I found some articles I’m going to share with you in a moment lets finish looking at what Feiglin said about this. He said; the divorced fathers who support the law because of the cancellation of Tender Years Clause [which currently gives mothers an advantage over fathers in custody of children after divorce will wind up bitterly disappointed,” the head of the Zehut Party predicted on Facebook. “The courts will only make rare use of this clause in favor of the fathers.” By the way Zehut Party that is a Party that Feiglin actually started after leaving the Likud Party there just so you’re aware of that.

It says; “But the parents who got to raise their children in married bliss, will discover that the last vestige of their parental authority has been taken from them. He explained: “The law replaces the natural guardianship of parents over their children, as set into law in 1962, with ‘parental responsibility’ that means, in practice, that the guardianship over the child is now in the hands of the state, which does the biological parent a favor by letting him hold on to the child for as long as it deems fit. Feiglin pointed out one of the clauses that Arutz Sheva has been emphasizing in its exclusive reports on the bill: “If, for instance, the court decides that the parents are not teaching their children to respect people ‘regardless of race, religion, nationality or origin,’ as the law states, then the state will be able to take the child back into its hands…”




This is very, very concerning to me because it sounds like the exact words of Pope Francis put out not too long ago when the Charlie Hebdo incident happened and the people were murdered there at the news place and instead of Pope Francis coming out in condemning the atrocity that was done by the terrorists he actually sided with the terrorists and stating that when you speak against someone’s religion these type things are going to happen and basically justifying the terrorists. So when I say this is a lot like Pope Francis’ type of thinking here is because Pope Francis is expecting that the entire world is to be in agreement with every religion and be passive and accept every religion that there is without any issues there and that your children should be very much in tune with these religions.

Well I can understand why is for the Muslim people is because they created the Muslim religion unfortunately many the Arabic people in the world do not know that they are a Vatican created religion. They’ve been duped into this and I feel for the Arabic people because I have no idea that they’re following a false god that has nothing to do with anything. Something that the Vatican made up and of course the Vatican is run by Satan so the one that gets all the worship is Satan himself, when the Muslims worship they worship the devil. They don’t; Allah is not a god he’s not the God of Heaven period! He’s not the God of Israel at all even though they run to the streets saying; Allah Akbar; Allah Akbar, you know God is greater, they’re God ah; that’s nonsense. It’s all nonsense. Anyway the point is thought this is exactly what the Vatican was trying to do is to bring this all about putting this together.

Now let me share with you a little bit this from the book here called Tactics of the New World Order Agenda 21 and your child; a little excerpt.


He said; I recall a child proudly standing with others in class reciting the Pledge of Allegiance afterwards we bowed our heads and said a silent prayer; goodness and loyalty to country was instilled in us at an early age during my early school years. Adolescence, pregnancy, school shootings and suicides were practically unheard of in fact in my own early years you still prayed in school you still were paddled if you misbehaved and school. And pregnancies you didn’t go to school if you are pregnant it was considered a shame. A lot of things have changed since then. But let’s read on he said; once prayer and Patriotism were taken out of our schools children became easy targets for indoctrination into a belief that will be there will be destruction of what is left of Christian America. Most schools no longer show any signs of belief in God or Creationism those who do are in constant fear of being sued instead we sit on the sidelines and observe as a silent war goes on around us.

It’s a goal in New World Order the Global Elite know that it is too late to change your mind but not your child’s getting to them early as possible has been a tactic used by Socialist for many years he states. The word kindergarten came from 19 Century Germany means garden of children. Kindergarten is a perfect place to begin work on your child’s believes he states if history gives us any warning at all it is at the first tactics Socialist Regimes used to gain control of a country is to indoctrinate the children in the direction that the leaders believe. It worked for Hitler, Stalin and Lenin and it works today. Many years ago in Germany the children sang the praises of Adolf Hitler today its Barack Obama which they are singing his praises. Now we should be very mindful of this for this is not just a coincidence our children are slowly being indoctrinated into accepting a godless society.

The Author of the book there Christian Meyers makes these comments here and it’s exactly that Feiglin he called it a Stalin type of regime well Hitler would have probably been better than Stalin it when it comes right to that. But anyway want to share that with you.

And then take you over as well another website this is www.EagleForum.org; those of you I’ll try to remember to put this in the comments section I’m trying to get better about that on YouTube you won’t see it go on Livestream here where you’re watching now. But for those of you on Livestream its; http://www.eagleforum.org/psr/1993/mar93/psrmar93.html; gosh that’s a lot of things. I bet none of you guys can write that fast (chuckles) so anyway; maybe type that fast but not writing that fast. Anyway this is called; The New World Order Wants Your Children.

Now here in Europe where I’m at right now and I’m kind of stuck here for the next couple of months I can’t travel because I’m going through the process of my permanent residency here so I have to stay in the country until that is completed. But anyway so hopefully I get back into Israel come January. But it says; this and when I went to open up this website it was really hard to get open because the government’s here really monitor what we watch. I can only imagine what it’s like to be in Russia although I agree with Putin on several other things that he has done in the past I don’t necessarily agree with him on everything. But of course one thing I don’t agree on is he totally blacks out his people on the Internet and what they can see.

Anyway it says here; that the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF), the chief vehicle for those who want government to take over the raising of children, has a new goal under the Clinton Administration. And keep in mind this is a 1993 document here but it’ll let you know how this all came about.

Having failed to get Congress to pass the costly ABC Child Care bill, the CDF is now pushing to get a United Nations treaty on children signed and adopted so that child-advocacy lawyers can assert “children’s rights” against their parents. And if you remember when we read the article the other day to you the Israeli Article it’s the same thing it’s asserting the child’s right above the parents. But what’s funny is they’re using Social Workers to represent the children. So the child really has no rights they might say the child has rights but the child has no rights it’s the Social Workers has the rights it’s the State that has the rights. And they can just manipulate the child’s mind and determine whatever they want; they can do whatever they want at this particular point.

Anyway; so it says here; can assert “children’s rights” against their parents. Since Hillary Clinton was chair of CDF’s board of directors from 1986 to 1991, and since she was succeeded as CDF chair in 1991 by Donna Shalala (now Secretary of HHS), and since CDF’s CEO, Marian Wright Edelman is Hillary’s close friend, we can anticipate an aggressive effort by the Clinton Administration on behalf of this treaty. The treaty is called the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. It was unanimously adopted by the U.N. General Assembly on November 20, 1989 and signed by more than 100 foreign governments. Now; President George Bush didn’t not sign the treaty he did not send it to the Senate for ratification there are dozens of excellent reasons why he rejected it.  Anyway the article goes on to read; if the text of the U.N. Treaty were proposed as new federal legislation, the bill would never pass. It would be unacceptable to the American people because it would give the Federal Government too broad a grant of power over our children, families and schools and it would be unconstitutional because of both vagueness and federal interference with States’ rights.

But the treaty has been blessed by the United Nations and layered with lofty goals and high-sounding words. Its salesmen are peddling it with pathetic stories of the mistreatment of children, such as outrageous murders in Bolivia. CDF and 150 liberal advocacy groups in the United States have made it a “cause” and are even using it as a litmus test to try to label Congressmen as “pro-children” or “anti-children.”

You know one thing that keeps coming up to my mind though as I’ve look at this and something that maybe you guys have thought of yourself already and that is during World War II one of the chief entities that we’re taking in children was the Vatican. The Catholic Church were taking children these children were being taken from the Jews forcibly placed into Catholic homes being adopted by them secretly growing up as Catholics those that weren’t murdered that is by the Germans. But they were secretly adopted by the Catholic people and raised to make believe or make the children believe the way the Catholic Church one of them to believe. This is what see with this bill and I know some people might say; well Steven you know you kind of; you put the Catholic Church in the middle of everything. You have to remember they are in control of this entire World System.

And I even when I look at the issue when Vladimir Putin in Syria and the United States also putting troops there I cannot help but they all work in concert together I mean think about? Look at the way these men meet each other even though Putin comes and meets Obama meets the Pope of Rome and Obama does the same they all meet with each other, they all meet together like they’re buddy, buddy but the soldier’s on the battlefields are doing all the fighting of the war’s. These men here seem to be what you would call civilized but they let other people do the fighting it reminds me of Attorney’s, the Prosecutor as well as the Defense Attorney after they go and try a case they leave the courtroom and go to the same bar together a drink together.

In fact I knew for a fact on some inside information on several cases that I had seen happen in the United States where the attorneys would meet together privately outside of anything where people could publicly accused him of anything and they would discuss which cases the prosecutor would get and which one of the Defense Attorneys would give up of their clients to let them go to jail while the other one would get off. It’s nothing but a political game and this is what I see going on in the world scheme of things as well as far as world leaders.

You have to remember the Bible says; if Satan’s kingdom is divided it cannot stand. This is what Jesus said; if Satan is against Satan he casts out Satan then his kingdom is divided it can’t stand. Well Satan is ruling the entire world only for a season of course and he even challenges Jesus, he challenged Yeshua when he was up there during the 40 days and 40 nights and he says to Him; he shows Him in a moment of time all the worlds everything that ever would be. He says; these are all mine. He says; I’ll give them to you if you bow down and worship me. Now if you’ll notice Yeshua never argued the fact that they were his but He tells him; I shall worship the LORD Thy God and Him only shalt thou serve. You see Satan is all over all these kingdoms. And what is the reason for their fighting or the things that go on in the background? Well who knows? And I’m sure there are maybe some differences out there where world leaders hate one another but clearly a lot of these Illuminati led world leaders are perfectly together in unison and maybe it’s to fulfill the Global Agenda that is depopulation, create wars why? Because the leaders are not gonna get killed in the middle of the war the leaders are just gonna go and still wear their suits and go to their little parties afterwards and meet the other world leaders and some other little Camp David in America or someplace in Italy or France or Germany or Russia wherever they’re going to meet at. But in the meantime they’ll displace people, turn lives upside down, and kill people and everything else.

All for a Depopulation Agenda and of course now they want to control the minds of your children maybe it’s because the Vatican has a plan for your children like they did during Nazi Germany when Hitler was going around killing all the Jews that he could possibly find and all kinds of other people as well you know the Gypsies everything else they decided to annihilate them as well. If you were sick, if you had Down syndrome he annihilated you as well he was deeply doing a Depopulation Agenda may be at the time the Vatican thought we had too many people then as well. Who knows? But nonetheless they have a Depopulation agenda but perhaps they want to get control their children because they’re going to depopulate the humans again the adults. I can’t really say as far as what’s gonna go on there.

Let’s take a little bit more of a look at this article here it says; it is always important to scrutinize proposed treaties even more carefully than ordinary legislation, first, because treaties can be ratified at any time by two-thirds of U.S. Senators present and voting and with two Senators voting and second because of the preferential status which treaties enjoy in the American system of government. Once ratified, they become part of the “supreme law of the land,” along with the U.S. Constitution and federal laws. Any time a treaty is proposed, we should study the language, as well as the intent, and consider a worst case scenario of how the treaty’s provisions – in the hands of international bodies (over which we have no control) – could imperil American sovereignty and the rights of American citizens.  And this is where the issue is with all of this. This is where we’re really facing a major, major problem with this particular Agenda 21 and parents losing their rights over their children. It’s revoking the parental rights of the children the New World Order is doing that and it is targeting the children completely or targeting the parents of the children to where the State can take control of them. And we’ve seen as well in the United States in the public school system.

Many of you guys in fact if you would leave a comment about what you may be aware of in your own schools system there in the United States. But my wife as a high school teacher teaching biology in the United States they were already before we left about a year and a half ago the United States they had already set up in the school the parents had to contribute to a provision emergency provision thing for the schools in the event of some kind of catastrophe the school already has a right to take the children and leave without any parental consent and go to an undisclosed location they actually did some drills like that in Florida and caused major panic among parents.

Another thing that we saw happen back then before leaving is that my wife had come in the following year there to do teaching and they had a whole new set of rules and guidelines they had all of a sudden all the students had to have ID’s ah; ID cards, parents were not allowed to come in this school. You know when you were coming to pick up your kids you were to remain in a vehicle you could not get out of your vehicle you had to pull up if you were a parent who was picking up your child by car and they would bring the child to you. Parents were really getting upset over this in fact one parent kind of put up a fuss over it and they threatened to bring the police and have them arrested. Now believe there was one or two in Florida that did get arrested over this just for trying to pick up their child.

And it is slowly but surely in the United States their conditioning the people they are taking away your rights and they’re conditioning the parents in the United States with the same thing that Israel’s already doing. They’re already conditioning you there they’re doing it with the school system and I think that this is a conditioning slowly but surely because they’re going to enforce United Nations Resolution here.

They’re going to bring about Agenda 21 and I didn’t get a chance to find the actual New World Order document there that stated that I got kind of caught up with some other things today. But its serious friends it’s very serious at any rate.

(http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/202826#.VjrMkyuubF5); let me ah; one other thing I want to take you to real quick though in closing here as the Israeli News that is going on we have got some serious things still happening in Israel. We have; and Netanyahu this this happened here only just a couple of hours ago and there was I think he was in his 70’s. The man that was stabbed by a terrorist there in Netanya, sorry not Netanyahu Netanya’s the name of the city there. It’s a beautiful little city there just north of Tel Aviv. We actually looked at trying to rent an apartment there because it is nice, when I say nice it’s away from lot of the bad neighborhoods. You are not bordering along with Palestinians in this particular town and it just seemed to be a good place to raise children at in Israel. So we had look sincerely and an almost leased an apartment there in Netanya and so when I opened up Israel National News here only about an hour ago. And I saw this article here Netanya terrorists was shouting Allah Akbar and he stabs a 70 something year old man I was completely shocked by it.

Let’s look at this fairly details about the Netanya attack have been released later Monday night in the wake of the 3rd stabbing of the day. 3rd stabbing of the day in Israel ah; initial reports indicate that the stabber a 22 year old man from the northern Sumerian town of Tulkarm 1st attack a couple stabbing a 71 year old man in the back the victim was later transported to Laniado Hospital in critical condition. Witnesses told Walla News a terrorist was shouting Allah Akbar traffic police officers of the Sharon Region called for the terrorists to stop but he kept running throwing his knife at a nearby building. Officers at the scene stated that at one point that the terrorists turned around and pulled out another knife.

The Security Officer of forces shot him three times leaving home in serious condition that’s a big concern as well because if terrorists start taking stabbing the people and then just abandon their knives and then leave it to where the police are kind of force not to shoot them that can only; it could be a new tactic coming out altogether.

Anyway says officers at the scene stated that at one point the terrorists turning around and pulled out another knife the security forces shot him three times leaving in serious condition. Shortly after the stabbing another bystander attempted to attack the terrorists when he was already shot police arrested the Netanya man at the scene not to be deterred dozens of furious Netanya residents who had witnessed the attack attempted to prevent the terrorists of Monday night’s stabbing attack in the city from being transported to the hospital. Footage reveals blocking the road as the ambulance begin to leave.

And this is what Israelis are going through friends day-in and day-out Israelis are having to face this very thing right here as we see here in in the screenshot here. The people come running through the running through trying to get away from the man wielding the knife and I guess people are screaming as he is going along stabbing people. At this point here some of the people run into the store for safety there and this older woman who cannot run he just drives that knife into her back and keeps on running. And of course there are people after him I guess trying to stop but it is just a terrible, terrible scene to say the very least. And whether or not anyone else was able to put a stop to this guy it’s not clear. A lot of people going down the sidewalk here I guess is because there’s more than one victim involved in this. And according to the article this is a Monday afternoon a 19 year old Palestinian Arab terrorists from Hevron stabbed three people in the Tel Aviv area an 80 year old, woman a 35 year old man and a 26 year old man the 2 are listed in serious, moderate and light conditions respectively.

Very, very sad very sad indeed of course the serious woman is the 80 year old woman we’ve seen here in the screen that was stabbed that was caught on the CCTV footage there. And like I said; it is just continually ah; let me just kind of run you through the articles here just so you can see some of these here. See Stabbing in Netanya which is the one we brought out already too you.

(http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/202823#.VjrU1yuubF5); also another article that came out but the Henkin’s fought terrorists before they were murdered. Now that’s the case where the husband and wife were gunned down in their car while their children were yet in the car. I haven’t had a chance to look at that story as of yet.

3 injured in Rishon Letzion stabbing attack Arab assaulted an 80 year old women with a glass bottle also a terrorist shot and failed stabbing attempt.

A firebomb was thrown in Jerusalem District Court and it just goes on and on and on and on.

Mother of missing soldier slams return of terrorist’s bodies.

Arab rock terror reaches Haifa.

And 3 Border Police are hurt in a car terror near Hevron. Now we actually brought that one out in yesterday’s news there. It’s just constant there’s just no letup of this Intifada what’s so ever and then on top of it then the Israeli government is beginning to pull back and put tighter restrictions on the military and how they can confront these terrorists running around with knives just stabbing anybody and everybody. They have no care no regard for life whatsoever. Anyway; I’m Steven Ben-Nun you’ve been watching Israeli News Live those of you watching the Livestream God bless you for being here tonight. Those of you that catch us on YouTube God bless you as well and thank you for watching shalom.

World War III Is Inevitable!

Institution of Biblical Research;

Israeli News Live:

New Port Richey, Florida;

March 18, 2015;

Steven Ben-Nun (De-Noon);

World War III Is Inevitable!


Steven Ben-Nun: I’m Steven Ben-Nun and you are watching Israeli News Live. We are dealing with breaking news coming out of Eastern Europe from the Ukraine and it is inevitable that a 3rd World War is at the door. It is at the door here in Eastern Europe we’re gonna kind of cap off some different information and give you some of our own thought of what we think will transpire as these events develop. But in Tass New; Russian News they are reporting that Ukraine plans to regain control over Donbass by all means according to Prime Minister Yatsenyuk who is the Ukrainian Prime Minister that was placed in there after the former Russian Prime Minister was forced out by gunpoint.

According to the article here it says Ukraine intends to restore peace and regain control over the Southeastern Donbass Region by all means Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said on Wednesday he said local elections should be held in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The elections should be honest and democratic otherwise they are useless the Prime Minister said. Lavrov calls Kiev’s decision on Donbass special status gross violation of the Mink Agreement. According to the Minsk Agreement on February 12th there was to be self-autonomy for Eastern Ukraine for the Russians there. And it seems Russia is willing to go along with that but it quite obvious that now that the Ukrainian people as far as the West part of Ukraine has NATO support and the United States along with 11 NATO Allies are sending lethal weapons and training into Kiev.

It is very obvious that Europe and the United States are willing to engage in a war with Russia. It won’t be just the Separatists who are fighting for self-autonomy in the Donbass Region but it will literally turn into an all-out war with Russia. There’s other reports to that Russia’s definitely stepping up its own military activities in the Eastern parts of Europe including Latvia. Which we know Latvia recently received a bunch of tanks from the United States to include in its own arsenal as the United States is beefing up the different European Countries in order to engage in a battle with Russia. And as we know Russia’s already stated that if it feels that it is threatened even from conventional warfare that is not going in their own favor they will use nuclear weapons.

Let me read to you this here; this is from the Moscow Times it says NATO fighter jets intercept Russian planes over the Baltic this was reported by Latvia. Said NATO has been forced to scramble fighter jets to intercept half a dozen Russian planes flying over the Baltic Sea. The Latvian military said yesterday NATO Typhoon fighter jets on Tuesday intercepted 7 Russian aircraft Latvia military said on its Twitter page including 4 SU-27’s, 2 AN-26 Jets and an AN-12 jet. Latvia said in a separate tweet that it had also spotted 3 Russian Kilo Class Submarine’s sub-support and hydrographic vessels just 30 nautical miles or 55 kilometers outside of Latvia’s territorial waters on Wednesday.

The report comes a day after Latvian military identified a Russian Naval Ship just 29 nautical miles from Latvia’s Territorial waters and 2 days after report of 2 Russian Kilo Class Submarine’s at least 27 nautical miles from its Naval Coast according to the Twitter post. Russia has escalated its naval activity on its Western frontier in recent months.


Earlier this week Russia’s Northern fleet was put into full combat readiness for a series of military drills and move interpreted as the response to simultaneous military exercise held in Norway. Of course NATO is also conducting military exercise in the Black Sea we’re aware of this as well and it appears to be that one of the things that Russia may do once this war begins over Ukraine is that Russia may even launch an invasion on the United States. It would be something that would certainly catch the United States off guard because it’s quite obvious that the US is trying to keep the battle away from their own border in the European stage. It keeps America safer that way but Russia could in fact attack the United States from a different angle in order to draw the attention away from Europe.

And of course at that moment or even beforehand we may see that Iran will get Hezbollah to engage Israel from both the Lebanon and the Syrian borders because Israel Allie the United States will be quite preoccupied with the fight against Russia in Europe. This is why we see that World War III is inevitable and quite frankly it is interesting that what the Obama Administration will do to keep the American dollar from collapsing during their own administration. They’re willing to start wars, create conflict and just really spread this all over but no doubt they’re not worried because the Vatican would like to see the New World Order get started right away. And the Vatican will be the financier of a New World Order and this is one reason why NATO and the United States are willing to fight any battle that the Vatican declares is needful at this time. And it’s quite obvious that the Vatican was the push behind the Coup in Ukraine and certainly Russia has stepped in even though they have been to the Vatican to show their own allegiance to the Vatican but it is quite clear that it is not as rosy as it appears to be.


And Russia also has put in anti-missile batteries in Crimea; they have strengthened a tremendous amount of military buildup in Crimea because they realize that naturally if Ukraine is planning on going back to the Donbass Region and trying to take control of all of Ukraine they eventually will also want to take Crimea back as well. This is one reason why Russia is not going to back down in fact is it going to escalate and it appears to be that this may spread beyond the borders of Ukraine especially in the case of Latvia we’re seeing the Russian present there.

Also in other news Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has one. We posted on our Israeli News Live Facebook page that it appeared that he may have won it was a very tight race. He did come out with 30 seats the Likud Party did and the Labor Party only with 24. So it is official the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has kept his seat as Prime Minister of Israel and we will be looking to see that he will also keep his promise not to have a 2 State Solution and not to divide the Land further. And including with the issue with the Vatican who has taken over Mount Zion already, Mount Zion should be taken back as well as the Temple Mount. And the Commandments of God that was given to the State of Israel should be enforced especially in the Old City. I’m Steven Ben-Nun with Israeli News Live, shalom.

Ruble Threatened By New World Order

Russian Opinion on Fall of Ruble

Though the United States Dollar brinks on collapse itself the US Obama Administration still has the power to shake other World currencies at the drop of a hat, The Triple Crown , that is. Pope Francis sits in the background and the eyes are not on him but he calls the shots in world politics. Don’t believe it, then ask this question, why is his door a revolving door to ALL World political leaders.

So Russia feels this pressure and will continue to feel it unless he loosens his grip on Ukraine. But that doesn’t appear to be on Putin’s agenda, in fact some of the former Soviet States are reporting that President Putin wants to bring back the Soviet Union, as reported earlier today by Slovakian News, Channel 3 Spravy.

The Moscow Times took the streets to see if the citizens were concerned to the falling Ruble.