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US False Claims Against Syria and its Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons

The Russian MOD (Military of Defense) has insisted evidence exist that supports jihadist plans on staging a false flag chemical attack in Idlib Syria. The finger has been pointed squarely at the White Helmets by Syria’s allies. While the Western Allies and their Mainstream Media giants all insist that Assad is the real threat and will stop at nothing to insure his victory regardless of the cost. Yet the West has a few independent journalist that have taken a very serious look at the accusations against the Assad regime.

The West relies on Human rights group like Amnesty International in Syria as well as social media post to authenticate their evidence that the Syrian the government  perpetrates  chemical  attacks against its own citizens. The White Helmets also became a major contributor for video footage that it claimed was proof that President Assad was using Chemical weapons against its own people.

But both the White Helmets and Amnesty International came under fire by Independent media as they began to relentlessly examine the facts in this war torn region. Falsified reports staged photos and video-opps were being reported by both groups, and even more damaging were witnesses in the actual videos by the White Helmets that begin to come forward and reveal the sinister plots to sway the minds of the West in thinking President Bashar al-Assad was some evil Tyrant. The public had been blinded by the what appeared to be a well orchestrated propaganda machine. The words of US General Wesley Clark had suppressed. No longer did Americans remember the great American General and Patriot had warned as the US plot was to take down seven nations in five years which Syria was included.

But I suppose what has troubled me the most, as I watch Main Stream Media still pump out the narrative that Assad used Chemical weapons against his own people, is the overwhelming unbiased testimony coupled with hard core factual evidence given by MP Eren Erdem before the Turkish Parliament exonerating President Assad of the use of Chemical Weapons. Eren Erdem stood before the Turkish parliament with arrest records and indictments in hand to call on his colleagues to take action in a case of enormous implications. The evidence revealed a conspiracy by the Turkish government to smuggle Sarin Gas through its borders and to be placed into the hands of ISIS militants. President Erdogan who was then Prime Minister of Turkey was named as the main conspirator in passing the chemical weapons into the hands of ISIS militants. MP Erdem also revealed the police records that showed ISIS militants were wire tapped and followed and intentionally allowed to detonate themselves in Ankara that killed score of people that was used to justify Turkey’s need to enter the war in Syria blaming the Kurds for the attack when Turkish authorities knew it had nothing to do with the Kurds.

MP Eren Erdem was dismissed in parliament by his colleagues and finally he appealed to the public in his televised interview with Rt that would cause his arrest by the Turkish government on charges of treason, of which he was innocent. Yet his facts presented have since been corroborated by the American journalist Seymour Hersh and other independent journalist like Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlet.

In every case of alleged chemical attacks in Syria the evidence has been overwhelming that the Syrian government has not used such weapons against its own people but regardless of such overwhelming evidence such manipulative stories still suppress the truth.


One of the strongest cases in favor of the

Israeli War Planes Destroy Syrian Missile Defense Shield

After Israeli war planes came under fire by Syrian anti Aircraft fire Israel retaliated by destroying the Missile defense system of the Syrian Arab Army. According to the IAF Israel was flying over Syria in routine reconnaissance when they encountered the attack by Syrian ground forces. This comes just before President Putin is scheduled to visit Israel. The Russian President has been hard pressed in balancing his relationship with Damascus and with Israel. Putin realizes Israel’s concern over weapons being smuggled through the war torn region and  falling into the hands of Hezbollah is a major concern for the safety of Israel. However, without cooperation from Putin, Israel’s defense against Hezbollah would not be possible. How long will Putin be able to balance his relationship in the region is yet to be seen but one cannot ignore the Biblical prophecy of Amos that seems to be ready for fulfillment.

I will break also the bar of Damascus, and cut off the inhabitant from the plain of Aven, and him that holdeth the sceptre from the house of Eden: and the people of Syria shall go into captivity unto Kir, saith the LORD. Amos 1:5

Was The Mistral Warship Designed To Attack Israel!

Was The Mistral Warship Designed To Attack Israel!

Steven Ben-Nun:

Shalom Chaverim; I’m Steven Ben-Nun you’re watching Israeli News Live, very interesting topics here that we have going on in the Middle East here. And I want to bring you right up to date with the different things that are happening ah; I got everything kind of posted up here together but I had some stuff in here that I didn’t expect to see. Let’s try to move all that out real quick here and get up here to the top here. (https://hebrewnationonline.com/blog/unesco-declares-rachels-tomb-and-cave-of-patriarchs-muslim-holy-sites/); the first news story I want to bring to your attention you guys may already be aware of this and this is the United Nations UNESCO a branch of the United Nations has declared Rachel’s Tomb and the Cave of the Patriarchs Muslim Holy Sites. You heard that right we’re talking about clearly the Jewish people their own descendants Rachel her tomb ah; the Patriarchs Abraham Isaac and Jacob supposedly all buried in this location here. And now the United Nations has declared this a Muslim Holy Site of course now the Muslims also claimed to be from Abraham too so this is one of the reasons why they do that. But it’s just alarming to see this and at the same time it sends a message to Israel that Israel is not in control of her own Land. Let’s take and read a little bit about this hear so you can get a better idea. It says; UNESCO has approved a resolution condemning Israel for its alleged attempts to change the status quo of the Temple Mount but a bid to declare the Western Wall as a Muslim Holy Site was dropped from the resolution before the vote. Now brought this out yesterday in our news broadcast by the way those of you who are watching on livestream I’ve tried to make some changes here I hope that works for you guys. I do know though Brother Kellen let me know as well if you go back after the video has been done if it does cut off it’ll still load the entirety of the video there so just so you’re aware of that.

At any rate though let’s see here it says; 26 countries voted in favor of the Resolution which condemned “aggression and illegal measures taken against the freedom of worship and access of Muslims to Al-Aqsa mosque and Israel’s attempts to break the status quo since 1967.” The U.S., U.K., Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Estonia voted against the resolution. The original proposal was submitted by six Arab states—Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates—on behalf of the Palestinians. It called the Western Wall an “integral part” of the Al-Aqsa mosque compound on the Temple Mount. But that language was removed from the resolution in order to garner more support for the measure. Which they did get they got 26 votes in favor of it and only the countries that we listed above the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Estonia were the only ones that voted against it. And by the way the Prime Minister of Canada is no longer Prime Minister any longer he actually was voted out we had mentioned this a little while back here. Let me just bring this up real quick ah; for you because I think it is very important he was a very staunch advocate for the Israeli people that Stephen Harper is who that is. By the way and let me just get some images here for you.

Stephen Harper was very dedicated to the Jewish people and for him to actually lose to be in the Prime Minister of Canada was a major blow for the Israeli people there. This literally has cost the Israeli people a wonderful partner of peace and yet at the same token we had already expressed that this would happen back months ago. Now I didn’t know when the election was going to be but I knew that Stephen Harper would not be able to stay in office because the Vatican is not going to allow someone to be in power that is a supporter of Israel not to mention prophecy must be fulfilled. But anyway God bless Stephen Harper for his strong stand for the Jewish people we do really appreciate that he has always been a supporter of the Jewish people. And wish him all the best I really hate to see him go. Moving right along here because we’ve been looking in Psalms 83 we’ve looked at many other passages even recently yesterday we were looking at Jeremiah Chapter 49 where Syria comes into a destruction we looked at the fact that the Hazor was a place in the Golan where the people of the Golan which are living there. Now God warns those people to flee this area and get far away because of the evils that are going to happen. Now God is going to bring judgment on the nations that are coming up against Israel but in the beginning it’s not going to be a pretty sight its gonna be pretty rough. At any rate though we’ve also spoke quite a bit on our broadcast all the way back to June about the power the military power of the world has shifted from; we’ll we didn’t actually say shifted from the United States to Vladimir Putin.

But we said that the Vatican has a new Warlord and NATO is no longer that Warlord and of course Russia is totally building a whole new Coalition that the Vatican is using this this huge battle that’s about the take place on Israel. As I said; Psalms 83 is a Confederacy and Confederacy that’s comes together starts off with the Vatican which is Esau and the Tents of the Esau which includes the Russian Orthodox Catholic Church which Putin is a strong Catholic of the Russian Orthodox. They have come together along with Ishmael, Ishmael as well as many of the nation’s there the Arabic Nations there which includes Iran, Lebanon it includes Syria which comes in at last Assur comes in at the very end because they have to first be bailed out of the problem they’re in now. And then it includes Egypt as well Jordan it includes the Palestinians the so-called Palestinians, the Arabs there that are dwelling in what they call the West Bank as well as Hamas in Gaza the Philistines all these different remnant’s here are part of this Coalition this is a battle to try to take over Israel and God is watching the entire time of what’s going on. Now before we go into Vladimir Putin something he says here about the US backing terrorism in the Middle East let me let me quickly though bring you to a biblical passage that perhaps you’ve not taken into consideration before. I have not brought up in quite some time so I do want to bring us out for you real quick so that you guys can actually see a verse here from

Ezekiel 35. Those who have been following for quite some time will know exactly what we’re speaking about here; in the face against Mount Seir verse 2; and prophesy against (verse 3); and say unto it thus saith the LORD God behold I am against the oh, Mount Seir; by the way that’s Esau; and I will stretch out my hand against me and I will make the most desolate and I will lay thy city’s waste and thou shalt be a desolate and thou shall know that I am the Lord. Now this is God bringing judgment on the Vatican. (Verse 5); because thou has had hatred of old and has hurled the children of Israel into the power of the sword and the time of their calamity and the time of the iniquity ah; excuse me; in the time of the iniquity of the end.

Now that’s powerful right there. When did; when was the iniquity of Israel brought to an end? Technically it was brought back when Yeshua died on the cross himself but the fulfillment for Israel will be in modern days. Now it says; that they had hatred of old and hurled the children of Israel into the power of the sword. This was Titus the Roman General identified in the book of Obadiah that clearly throws the Jewish people and they murdered them and enslaved them everywhere they went! And Titus he besieged even down at Masada you know it was just a devastation and a hatred of old as the Bible calls it. Now it goes on to say verse 6; therefore as I live saith the LORD God I will prepare thee unto blood and blood shall pursue thee surely thou hast hated thine own blood; because why? Esau which is modern-day Rome their descendants they are really blood related to the Jewish people! But he says; you’ve hated your own blood! And Rome has hated the Jewish people ever since Esau moved up into that region of the world and they end up becoming the Catholic religion. They have persecuted the Jews ever since in all types of murders and the Holocaust and the Pogroms and the Inquisition everything that has been done they’ve been behind every bit of it. Their own blood they hated; all right now he says verse 7; thus will I make Mount Seir most desolate and cut off from it him that passeth through and him that returneth; him that passes through and him that returneth?

Let me just kind of give you a little just a little insight for you guys so you can get a better idea of what that is there when we say; that he passes in and he returns there okay; passes, returns, Vatican, World Leaders that’s all you got to put in there and you will see exactly what we’re talking about here. Let’s just look at the images of it all right and then better yet let’s do it like here World Leaders meet Pope Francis for example. Since he’s the latest one you can do as many Popes as you wanted there. But you got right there the Queen of England is meeting with the Pope there of Rome. You’ve got here the Coptic Catholic from Egypt that are meeting the Coptic Orthodox there; you’ve got President Barack Obama that is meeting with the Prime Minister; excuse me; with Pope Francis you got other religious leaders that meet with Him, you’ve got this man right here I believe this is ah; oh gosh I’m not sure who this particular guy is there but we have Dick Cheney’s meeting with the Pope of Rome. We’ve got all these World Leaders here different people from around the world; Arabic Nations and Muslims and Hindus and what have you come there to meet the Pope of Rome. You know the list just goes on and on you got Vladimir Putin who meets with the Pope of Rome and this is why has a new Warlord he’s using them because they have the same ideology. You even have the Jews; his own Brother by physical birth they are brothers as declares here in the Bible hear. All kinds of World Leaders coming here to the Pope here Christina Fernandez meets with; that’s Argentina’s President that meets with the Pope of Rome. You have here that’s I believe that’s Ban Ki-moon with the United Nations that meets with the Pope of Rome and see friends the list just goes on and on and on. And every world leader Mahmud Abbas meeting with the Pope of Rome all the religious leaders everyone you can imagine Shimon Perez who actually was a one that like Ahab have sold out Israel into idolatry by marrying the Vatican back into Israel again like Jezebel. And it’s amazing, amazing now Jezebel does have 400 prophets no doubt and so that’s why you’re seeing many of the Churches joined back up with the Pope of Rome just very sad to say the very least. But anyway I just wanted to show that to you there so you have a little bit better idea of what we’re speaking about you when it says

(Ezekiel 35 verse 7); them that; excuse me; and cut off from it him that passes through and him that returneth. (Verse 8); and I will fill his mountains with his slain in thy hills and they valleys and all thy streams shall they fall that are slain with the sword. (Verse 9); and I will make thee perpetual desolation and thy City shall not return and you shall know that I am the Lord. Because he says; notice what he says; why? (Verse 10); because thou has said; these two Nations and these two countries shall be Mine and we will process it whereas the Lord with there. What two nations? The Pope of Rome’s already officially divided Israel.

And what happened with UNESCO the United Nations group there that has now declared the Patriarchs and the Tomb of Rachel all Muslim sites is clearly identifying that Rome has control of both Israel and the Palestinian area the West Bank and Gaza! They have divided it into two nations and Rome is showing she has the authority over both of them and the Palestinian people so-called are dumb enough to fall into the trap of Rome and you’re going to be; see what he says here the prophecy; he’s gonna take what you got as well! At least that’s what he’s got in his mind, all right. Now God says though verse 11; therefore as I live saith the LORD God I will do according to thine anger and according to the envy which thou hast used out of thine hatred against them and I will make Myself known among them when I should judge thee! Wow! Do you mean to tell me that God literally gives us a time frame for us to know where he’s actually going to judge them? God says; He’s gonna; excuse me; we’re given the time frame when God is going to make His Self known to the Jewish people, when the Mashiach is gonna make His Self known to the Jewish people and it’s going to be when He has judged the Vatican, Rome. Well let’s see when He actually does this let’s find out, all right. So

(verse 12); and thou shalt know that the LORD have heard all the blasphemes which thou has spoken against the mountains of Israel saying; they are laid desolate they are given to us to devour! Must be that Israel’s gonna suffer some causalities before this is over with. (Verse 13); and you have magnified yourself against Me with your mouth and multiplied your words against Me I have heard it. This is what God says to Rome. (Verse 14) Thus saith the LORD God when the whole earth rejoiceth I will make thee desolate;

there’s your key right there when the earth is rejoicing God is going to destroy the Vatican! And not only that that’s when He says; He’ll make His Self known to the Jews! Can we actually find a biblical passage that actually tells us when this happens? Yes! You certainly can let me take you to the Book of Revelation for my Jewish brother this should be exciting for you because you know that God is going to make His Self known to you when He has judged Esau! And He says; He’s going to judge Esau when they’re totally laid waste! Or excuse me, when the world rejoices that’s exactly let’s look at that one more time to make it clear. See and it says (verse 14); you have magnified yourself against Me with your mouth and have multiply your words against Me I heard it thus saith the LORD God when the whole earth rejoiceth that I will make thee desolate! And what did He say earlier? He say here; there as I live saith the LORD God; verse 11; I will do according to thine anger and according to thine envy which thou has used unto the hatred against them and I will make Myself known among them when I shall judge you; judge thee I will; He’s gonna make Himself known when He judges you. And He said; He’s gonna judge you when the whole earth rejoices. All right, my Jewish brethren listen up close because you’re gonna find out exactly when that judgment comes. According to the Book of Revelation the 11th Chapter (verse 1); we find out here; and there was given me a reed likened to a rod and the angel stood saying; rise and measure the Temple of God and the altar and them that worship therein. Measure it; is not the Temple Institute drawn up the plans for the measuring of the Temple there? It’s already been done! You got one prophecy already up and running now see? (Verse 2); but the court which is without the Temple leave it out measure it not for it’s given unto the Gentiles and the Holy City shall they tread underfoot 40 and 2 months. You’re given Mount Zion to them already and now they are pushing to take even the Wailing Wall which is part of the Old City the Jewish Quarter is sitting on top of the City of David the Old City there. And you’re gonna; they’re gonna give it to the Vatican! Rome’s gonna get it but they’re using what? They’re using the Palestinian so-called Palestinian people to achieve it. (Verse 3); and I will get power into My Two Witnesses they should prophesied a thousand two hundred and threescore days clothed in sackcloth. They’re yet to come; they’re on the earth but they’re yet to make known who they are yet. See God’s got to reveal to them who they are and until God has revealed and when God reveals of that ministry will begin at that very moment. (Verse 4): these are the two olive trees so my Jewish brethren right there in the book of Zechariah the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. (Verse 5); and if any man will hurt them fire proceedeth out of their mouth and devour their enemy’s. And I’m not talking about open their mouth like a dragon or something or breathing upon them that’s not what God speaking about. But like in the case of Elijah when the 50 soldiers come up irreverently before Elijah! He said; if I be a man of God let fire come down out of Heaven and devour you. And it did! In other words what he says will come to pass! (Verse 6); now these have power here everybody before to shut the Heaven that it rain not in the days of their prophecy; there is Moses remember he says (Hebrew Genesis 15:1); äshiyräh layhwäh Kiy-gäoh Gääh; I will sing unto the Lord; I will sing in the future! Rashi said; Moses will come back and he will come back he’s right here Revelation 11 coming back. (Verse 7); and when they shall have finished their testimony the beast that ascended out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them and shall overcome them and kill them. (Verse 8); and their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great City which is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt which also our Lord was crucified. That’s right there outside Damascus Gate there near the Palestinian bus station right there where they have the Hill of Golgotha. (Verse 9); and they of the people and kindred’s and tongues and Nations shall see their dead bodies three and a half days and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves. Is that right? That’s right. (Verse 10): and they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them! So when does the earth rejoice? Over the death of the Two Witnesses; and make merry and shall send gifts one to another because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth. (Verse 11); and after three days and a half the Spirit of Life from God entered into them and they stood up on their feet and great fear fell upon them which saw them. Yes sir, you know why they lay like that in the street dead and they don’t suffer them to be put in graves? God is using it because clearly in the words that Moses spoke that God will not do anything without two or three witnesses. Even Yeshua Himself said; it says in your law that at Two Witnesses, all right. He even confirms this to be so! And they come and confirm that indeed Yeshua both died buried and resurrected and the world has no excuse but to believe it at that point there and God will stone the earth with fire bombs coming down 100 pounds each. Big giant stones but the important part here; to get to your attention here is to understand when does God make itself known to the Jews? When he destroys Rome and when the whole or rejoices that’s what we ran back over there in the Book of, going back here to Ezekiel Chapter 35 (verse 14). Just read it to you all right. (Verse 15); and thou did rejoice over the inheritance of the House of Israel. See (verse 14); thus saith the LORD when the whole earth rejoice I will make thee desolate. And He does it as a payback because they rejoiced over the death desolation of the House of Israel. (Verse 15); because it was desolate so will I do unto thee thou shalt be desolate oh Mount Seir and all Edom, even all of it and they shall know that I Am the LORD! Wow You talking about God bringing His Word; God He says (Romans 12:19); vengeance is Mine saith the LORD. He’s gonna bring it out. So my Jewish brethren we’re gonna see some rough rocky roads here in the months coming ahead but don’t fear God is soon to send those two anointed ones. (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/oct/22/vladimir-putin-accuses-us-backing-terrorism-middle-east); now let’s take a look at the news here as we were leaving off; Vladimir Putin accuses US of backing terrorism in the Middle East. You know the US they even take their aircraft carrier out of the Mediterranean. It’s like they tucked their tail and took off running. You know because when the Pope of Rome changes his plan you just got to go along with it. Now they’re making a lot of rhetoric over it but they just took the aircraft carrier and left.

Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a stinging attack on the US Policy in the Middle East on Thursday accusing Washington of backing terrorism and playing a “double game” in the Middle East. In a speech at the annual gathering of the Valdai Club, a group of Russian and international analysts and politicians, Putin said the US had attempted to use terrorist groups in its interest. “It’s always hard to play a double game – to declare a fight against terrorists but at the same time try to use some of them to move the pieces on the Middle Eastern chessboard in your own favor said the Russian Leader. At any rate he goes on to say; western capitals have accused Moscow of targeting moderate rebel groups during its bombing campaign in Syria, which Russia says is mainly aimed at targets linked to Islamic State. However, Putin’s talk of “playing with words” and other statements by government officials suggest Moscow believes all armed opposition to Bashar al-Assad is a legitimate target. Putin received Assad at the Kremlin on Tuesday, and on Thursday he underlined that he considered the Syrian President and his government to be “fully legitimate”. He said the west was guilty of shortsightedness, focusing on the figure of Assad while ignoring the much greater threat of ISIS. “The so-called Islamic State [ISIS] has taken control of a huge territory. How was that possible? Think about it: if Damascus or Baghdad are seized by the terrorist groups, they will be almost the official authorities, and will have a launch pad for global expansion. Is anyone thinking about this or not?” This year the Valdai Club met at a luxury hotel in the mountain resort of Krasnaya Polyana, one of the venues for last year’s Winter Olympics. Putin arrived; which we don’t need to get into that anyway; Putin does say later in another news broadcast there on Tass Russian News; he actually states; what is considered light and what is considered or moderate and what is considered strong Terrorists groups. And he says; I don’t distinguish between moderate and strong Terrorists groups. Now what he’s referring to is because when he bombed one of the locations there a field hospital for the terrorists was actually hit in the bombing raid. And so therefore Putin suggest because America said it was the moderate terrorist groups that were there but he targeted the hospital whether or Putin directly targeted a hospital intentionally or not we cannot say. But clearly hospital was hit and Putin is saying that that’s you know he said; for one he also claims that the USA does not share any intelligence with them. So if there is something that should be avoided he said; we have no way of being able to avoid it as a result. (http://tass.ru/en/world/831019); also let me bring us some more interesting news here the Islamic State is redeploying reinforcements from Iraq to Syria says the Russian Defense Ministry this is from Tass News Agency here. I kind of think it’s interesting here because if you will notice in the photograph here on your screen right now this is American Military Equipment that President Barack Obama was so kindly to leave behind. Because he said; it was too expensive to bring all this equipment back home so he left it there for ISIS to be able to us it. Nice of him wasn’t it because he wanted to destabilize the region now granted is Putin getting rid of ISISI? Sure he is, but Putin’s also part of the Coalition of Psalms 83. So Putin he may be getting rid of ISIS but in the long run He’s part of that group that is against Israel -0-and that will only get worse as time goes on. Anyway it says here; ah; unmanned aerial vehicles are fixing a considerable increase in the number of new ISIS targets in Syrian territory. The ISIS leadership is redeploying personnel reinforcement from Raqqa province and Iraq’s territory to the area of military hostilities in the west of Syria,” Konashenkov said in an interview on Rossiya 1 Television channel. Russia started a military operation against the Islamic State terrorist group (which is banned in Russia) in the Syrian territory at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on September 30. Anyway they are now looking to bomb those targets as well. Another thing that I very interesting and again I say this in light of the fact all the forces that are coming against surrounding Israel prepared for an attack on Israel. Don’t be fooled the Intifada as we said over and over and over is to pull away the military strength of Israel from its borders. It’s a very well thought out tactic and when France at the pressure of the United States withdrew from the contract of Russian with a Mistrial aircraft carrier for the helicopters they had to find a new buyer. Because a Russian demand to be reimbursed the money they’re already paid for it, the millions and millions of dollars ah; Euros that were paid for this ship but then finally the ship was sold to Egypt. Now remember Egypt is part of the Coalition of the forces spoken of and Psalms 83. Clearly they’re identified right there Russia is also part of that they’re the Tents of Esau the Orthodox Russian Orthodox Church is part of that. (http://tass.ru/en/defense/830646); and here that Russia’s now stated they are ready to supply the helicopters for the Mistrial warships to Egypt and all the equipment necessary. Now look at what this is on Tass Russian News here’s a deck of this warship here and it’s really interesting I could not; I have to be quite frankly with your friends when they; when Russia first order this ship to be built I could not understand for the life of me why would Russia want an aircraft carrier for helicopters? An aircraft carrier for Jets that fly off things like that yes that makes sense but for helicopters I’m like this seems almost absurd. How you engage in a military operation with an aircraft carrier it only has helicopters? I mean the ship has got to be mighty dog on closed because you’re gonna refuel; as far as I know if you don’t refuel helicopters in the air. The helicopters got to be able to go do its mission and come back to its base without any problems. The Mistrial ship was built with the intention to attack Israel! That is the only reason that the ship would have been built. This ship was designed with a purpose in mind to be able to go near countries so close it’s definitely not for the United States. Supposedly the United States is Russia’s; not that Russia says that their, their enemy but the United States considers Russia the greatest threat in the world. So if you would think logically why would Russia want an aircraft carrier for helicopters? You would think; okay maybe the United States; you would think that aircraft carrier that carries helicopters is going to get anywhere near the United States? Of course not! Will they get anywhere near England? Of course not! You’ve got to be able to get in International Waters where you can get close enough to a country to where you can actually fly to that country engage that country but yet legally sit off their coasts and not be hindered at all!

This ship was designed with an attack on Israel from the Mediterranean Sea. I can think of no other nation that this ship could be used against. What else with Russia do with a ship like this? And what’s really interesting is that they sold it to Egypt. Well its nice isn’t it right there at the Port close by and now Russia’s going to fully arm it! Again Russia and the United States are; they’re big time players in engaging wars like against each other but not even fighting the battle. In this case here when it comes to Israel Russia’s not going to engage Israel directly themselves but you can count on one thing with the war planes fly overhead in Israel its gonna be Russian-made war planes is gonna be Russian-made tanks that come from the north. Its gonna be Russian-made helicopters that come from the Mediterranean Israel the Government of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu I am warning you now this is what the ship was built for they’re going to use it against Israel in the very coming months or a year or whatever the case may be or even days. Who knows when the timing is but they’re going to use it against Israel there’s no other reason for a carrier of this nature to be built. All these millions of dollars you know I don’t know exactly I think it does say the article here; let’s just take a look at the article. I think it tells me the date of when they started this I’d really be curious to know because the Vatican is behind this putting together this whole issue; this whole group; this whole Confederacy. Let’s take a look at what it says here; Asked how many helicopters Moscow was ready to supply for the Mistral ships, the Kremlin official said: “As many as needed for these vessels.” That’s because there’s two of them. Kozhin said; that negotiations could be launched after Egypt finishes the work on the contract for the purchase of the helicopter carriers from France. “The Russian side is ready to negotiate, so it depends on them [Egypt], if they are interested, we are ready. I think that they are an interested party because much had been done [on the ships] to match our equipment,” the presidential aide said. “I think that there is a high probability that the talks will take place, but this, again, depends on the Egyptian side,” Kozhin said.

Do you think Egypt’s got the money to buy these two ships? I mean has anybody lost their mind? Egypt a Nation that has been; that the United States came in there caused the unrest, caused the collapse in the Government there put them at Civil War in hatred against one another, killing each other constantly, do you really think they have this kind of money to go out and purchase two gigantic helicopter Aircraft carriers and what’s the chances? Why wasn’t it sold to some other nation like Australia? Of course Australia what would Australia do with a helicopter carrier? What would New Zealand with an aircraft carrier like that? India any of these places I mean their enemies have to be enemies that don’t have jets. And even though Israel has jets Israel is not taken into consideration this is used against them. Oh gosh! Let’s see here it says here previously Chief of the Russian Presidential Administration Sergei Ivanov said that the sum of the transaction for the supply to Egypt of equipment and helicopters for the French Mistral ships it intends to purchase from France might exceed $1 billion; that’s dollars. “Egypt plans to buy the Mistral ships from France and Russia will be, if you like, a sub-contractor, which will deliver for these Mistrals the missing equipment, without which the Mistrals, excuse me, are, to put it mildly, just ‘tin cans’ – and naturally, all the helicopters, which will amount to the total of over $1 billion for sure,” said the Kremlin representative.

The two ships for the Russian Navy was announced by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy on the 24th of December 2010 and signed by Russian Deputy Prime Minister of the French Minister January 25th of 2011. And let’s look; I want to look at one other thing. Wow, here it is; exactly what I thought look what happens here this is Wikipedia but for this particular case it’s ok in this particular situation when we’re looking at this. The Holy See and the Russian relations is a bilateral relationship between the Holy See and Russia. The Holy See has an appalling Apostolic Nunciature in Moscow. Russia has a permanent representative to the Holy See based in Rome President Russian Dmitry Medvedev ordered the establishment of full diplomatic relations between Russia and the Holy See following the meeting with Pope Benedict the 16th in December of 2009. And in 2010 France begins to build the ships and 2011 Russia signs that deal you start to see the picture come together now? Psalms 83 is a Confederacy the Tents of Esau come together first bit it’s clear though when we’re looking at what’s going on in the Vatican there with the relationship with Russia being established in 2009, 2010 French the French begin to prepare to build the ship the contract is signed or not build it but they’re speaking about building a ship like this Russia signs a contract everything all the pieces are falling into place. And now the United States was so greatly opposing of Russia getting this ship when there was a conflict there in Ukraine and that’s even beginning to settle down somewhat. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the near future with that is it going to spiral out of control eventually in Europe as well. You know it could come to that head as well it just depends the timing depends on that I don’t really know I have to look at this biblically to see what happens with the United States. I know there’s been many people that have dreamed that the United States would be attacked and that Russia would definitely ah; that Russia would actually attack the United States. I’ve seen that myself and so no doubt it’s probably just a matter of time but again this Mistrial ship its whole construction was built with Israel in mind. I’m Steven Ben-Nun you have been watching Israeli News Live, shalom and good evening.