Breaking News: Israel Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet

Israel shot down a Syrian fighter Jet that Israel claims entered into Israeli Airspace by 2 KM, according to IDF they stated the plane was monitored before entering Israeli airspace. After entering Israeli airspace Israel choose to use the Patriot Missile defense shield and shot down the fighter.

Syrian media denies that their plane a Sukhoi was in Israeli airspace but was in Syrian airspace trying to defeat the terrorist on the border of Israel. No word as to the safety of the pilot at this time.

Tensions between Syria and Israel have been on the rise as Syria has retaken the land bordering Israel and Jordan. Israel recently assisted the White Helmets an accused Terrorist group by Russia and Syrian and even by the people of Syria.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Israel Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet”

  1. I think Israel will do whatever it well pleases in todays climate. I don’t know too much about Syria but I have seen the history behind how the brits. divided up the land and placed leaders they wanted in these places. What I wonder about, which I think was the plan of the elites, is why these pieces of land became so important. I know that there are some that has oil but the others are just desserts. They are surely not the empires they were in biblical time. Most of the leaders of these countries are educated in Europe or US. so I really don’t think Assad is the monster he is portrayed to be and Nantanyahu isn’t the saint he is portrayed to be.

    1. According to Mesopotamian (Babylon) and Sumerian (Iraq) mythology the Nephilim/Anakim had well established space ports in that region eons ago. So far as I can tell from my research the Israelite nation was guided by our one true creator, but those beings had meddled in Earthly affairs since a time unknown even when they knew they were breaching Universal law. The wars we see today are remnants of that most ancient division between human nations: one who venerated things such as Baal to no avail, and one who remembered who really made us.

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