Global Climate Change Confederacy of Psalm 83!

December 4, 2015;
Steven Ben-Nun (De-Noon);
Global Climate Change Fulfilment of Psalm 83!

Steven Ben-Nun: Erev Tov Chaverim; I’m Steven Ben-Nun and you are watching you’re watching Israeli News Live a Prophetic Segment of our broadcast. Tonight is not airing on Livestream we normally don’t do a news broadcast on the Sabbath but this time here we’ve elected to come before you because it’s also a teaching as well as a Prophetic Broadcast in regards to the meeting that has just concluded in Paris about Climate Change. And this is something that I wanted to share with you its something Brother Kellen Davison we were speaking tonight together on Skype earlier about different Biblical things. And he shared with me a very interesting revelation that God had given him about Climate Change one that I want to share with you as well in light of the different things that have been said here.
Before I think speak with you about Brother Kellen’s revelation that God gave him I want you to listen just for a moment here what President Obama has actually said in an interview that he did here on the Hill ah; I want to share with you this video here on CBS News that he gave in an interview the first one he gave and coming back and then we’ll go more into it. Now keep in mind it’s Pope Francis that has spearheaded this whole Climate Change Campaign and then we’ll look at one other issue there and then we’ll move on into the prophetic side of this broadcast here. Let’s take a look at though it what Obama has to say in this interview here.

CBS Interview Clip: (
Norah O’Donnell: This is a one on one interview at the White house. It is his first interview since returning from the Paris Climate Talks.
And you did say in the State of the Union that no challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than Climate Change? Do you mean it’s a greater threat than terrorism?
President Obama: What I mean by that is that ah; we’re gonna get ISIL they will be defeated. There will be ongoing efforts to disrupt the World Order from terrorist, from rogue States from you know Cyber attack’s, there’s always some bad people out there trying to do bad things.
Steven Ben-Nun: Notice what he’s saying now.
President Obama: There is always some bad people out there trying to do bad things and we have to be vigilant in going after them. But you start seeing the oceans rise by 5, 6, 7 feet if you see major shifts in weather patterns so that would have been previously ah; bread baskets to the world suddenly can no longer grow food. Then you’re seeing the kind of crisis that we can’t deal with through the deployment of the Marines. We can’t deal with it through throwing money at it but what we know is that ah; as human beings are placed under strain then bad things happen.
End Clip:

Steven Ben-Nun: And did you notice what he says there? He is likening this to terrorism and not only did Barack Obama; President Obama actually like it unto terrorism as well also the French President fights against Climate Change, terrorism linked. He also speaks about the same thing Paris fights against terrorism and global warming are closely linked French President Franco Holland said on Monday as world leaders met in Paris for the Climate Change Talks two weeks after the deadly Islamist Militants attacks in France’s Capital.

Now I think it’s rather fascinating that these two men have done this I had mentioned in a message not too long ago me and Brother Kellen we’re actually speaking about these different things here how that the Climate Change the reason why they’re worried about Climate Change coming. And I suggested that it’s because the Two Witnesses are coming it’s not that they’re looking for a major shift in the climate from an asteroid or anything like that what they’re worried about are the Two Witnesses coming.
We see this in Psalms 83 we’re gonna go to that in just a moment. In fact let me take you to that right now in Psalms 83 it says (verse 1); there keep thou not silence oh God, hold not Thy peace and be not still oh God. (Verse 2); for lo Thine enemies make a tumult and they that hate Thee have lifted up the head of tumult as an uprising; it is a major issue. And this is what we’re finding in the Middle East right now you’re seeing all the armies that are being gathered into that region of the world right now around Israel.
Something else Brother Kellen pointed out to me this evening he said; notice how all the nations of the world are gathering there in the Middle East why? Because he says; they know the Two Witnesses are coming they’re getting ready to battle with them all right? Now He says Psalms 83:3); they had taken crafty counsel against Thy people; that’s Israel; and consulted against Thy hidden ones. I’ve held for the last several years at the hidden ones are the Two Witnesses. They are hidden. Brother Kellen said; much like God hid Moses and Jesus, Yeshua that is He hid them in Egypt. He said; I believe like you Brother Steve that they’re here now but their somewhere hidden in the world and they’ve not come out on the scenes as of yet but when they do then this is when we’re going to see a major eruption of the climate itself. That’s what Barack Obama’s stated in this interview here. And let me just take you back just a little bit in this maybe we can catch it again. Let’s just see.
CBS Interview Clip: (
President Obama: Efforts to disrupt the World Order from terrorist, from rogue States.
Steven Ben-Nun: Notice that disrupts the World, Cyber Attacks, terrorist.
President Obama: Cyber attack’s, there’s always some bad people out there trying to do bad things.
Steven Ben-Nun: Bad people trying to do bad things.
President Obama: And we have to be vigilant in going after them. But you start seeing the oceans rise by 5, 6, 7 feet.
Steven Ben-Nun: Oceans rising 5, 6, 7 feet!
President Obama: If you see major shifts in weather patterns.
Steven Ben-Nun: Major shifts in weather patterns.
President Obama: So that would have been previously ah; bread baskets to the world suddenly can no longer grow food.
Steven Ben-Nun: What had been previously bread baskets to the world can no longer grow food. My brother, sister listen to me what happened in Paris in this talks that are going on right now is prophecy being fulfilled before your eyes! (Psalms 83:3); this is the counsel against Thy hidden ones; tz’fûneykhä is the word in Hebrew for hidden ones. See and this is what they are doing they’re coming out with a way to deal with the Two Witnesses with this massive Global Climate Change. Barack Obama the President of the United States is giving it away specifically he’s likening it to terrorism. And he’s showing you that if you suddenly see a change of weather the sea is rising 5, 6, 7 feet; is he worried about title waves? Is he worried about the global the melting of the ice up in the North or in the South Polar or something like that? He’s talking about sudden major changes in weather.
Brother, sister do you realize like Brother Kellen said; they have prepared this they’re making these laws in order to deal with what? They’re likening it to terrorism so that they can be able to try to arrest the Two Witnesses and bring them in. Remember the Bible says (Revelation 11:5); if any man hurt them fire proceeds out their mouth and destroys their enemies. Now I don’t believe that’s a literal fire but whatever they say God will bring it the pass.
(2nd Kings 1:10); like Elijah they sent 50 soldiers in to get him, he called fire out of Heaven it came down and devoured their enemies.
(Luke 9:54-55); now when Jesus was here His apostles said; should we like Elijah call fire down? Yeshua said; you don’t know what spirit you’re of. It wasn’t the right age for that, that age is about to come on the earth now! You understand friends we’re seeing it they’re making laws, they’re making ready for the Two Witnesses! You’re talking about Bible prophecy coming to pass right now again right before our eyes. We are seeing the Nations that have gathered together.
Notice what it says here they have said (Psalms 83:4); come let us cut them off from being a Nation that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. (Verse 5); for they have consulted together with one consent they are Confederate against Thee. And these Nations are all gonna be Confederate against Israel. Look at what’s his name there the guy that’s running for President of the United States there that recently; he comes out against Israel that’s ah; let me just pull up the article real quick for you.
(; because Israel National News actually has carried the article of this guy as well, here we go Donald Trump is who I’m thinking about right here. Trump says; we’re; it says here; ZOA to Trump we’re disappointed and alarmed. Well you have good reason to be so because what is Donald Trump saying right now? Donald Trump is saying that there’s got to be; that in his term that if he becomes President that he’s going to definitely push for the Two-State Solution. And he says; it’s not the Palestinians fault its Israeli’s fault and that’s what he claims in here. He’s going to Israel. It says; Peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority “has to do with Israel and whether or not Israel’s willing to sacrifice certain things,” Trump told the Jewish Republican Coalition. This despite his acknowledgement that Israel had already made many difficult moves for the sake of a peace agreement Trump also made several remarks that were quickly accused of bearing anti-Semitic intonations.
So you know the whole thing yes all the world’s gonna be against Israel period! And that’s what it says it right here in Psalms 83 (verse 5); they have consulted together with one consent they are Confederate against Thee. (Verse 6); the Tabernacles of Edom the Ishmaelite’s, Moab, the Hagarenes; (verse 7); Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre; (verse 8); Assur also is joined with them; which is Syria. And friends we’re right here at the door we are at the door of prophecy being fulfilled again we’ve seen another prophecy here God bless Brother Kellen for sharing with me this wonderful revelation God has just given him that this Climate Change, these laws are being enacted in order to be able to come against the Two Witnesses and I had not caught it like that.

I did realize though that when we did the video several months back about this New Agenda the Agenda 21 Pope Frances was pushing, we had suggested then that the Climate Change was as a result because they were worried about what the Two Witnesses were going to do. There was a lot of talk back then that there was an asteroid that was going to hit the earth we even finally brought it in our own news just in case an event. There really was some truth to it ended up not being any truth to it at all but nonetheless we did recognize that yes that the Climate Change had to do with the Two Witnesses. And then Brother Kellen shares with me tonight he said; Brother Steve I believe this is why they’re passing laws; why their meeting in Paris right now is because they’re getting ready for the Two Witnesses. They want to label it as a terrorist threat so that they can arrest them this is what they’re looking to be able to do.
But listen brother, sister its gonna be like Philip they’ll be able to walk right on put, it’ll be like Peter, Peter walked right on out of the jail. He won’t be able to contain them for 3 ½ years and yes there will be a major climate shift and yes the world is Confederate yes they have consulted against Thy hidden ones. You are watching again prophecy unfolding that prophecy being fulfilled at this very moment! I’m sorry for yelling guys I’m just so excited I cannot even begin to tell you the words about killing my heart. Maybe we should go another message about the Two Witnesses I’m sure; I say do it again I did one recently there we didn’t hear it air it here on Israeli News Live but it was a powerhouse there. Maybe I should put one together here bringing out for you guys this weekend here while we are resting during the Shabbat the Jewish Shabbat that’s about this going on right now.
Anyway I’m Steven Ben-Nun you’re watching Israeli News Live God bless you. Keep your eyes open listen brother, sister pray you need to be in prayer.
You know God does say and Brother Kellen and I was speaking about this as well tonight my wife has been heavy on her heart as well where Yeshua speaks about the Kingdom is nigh even in you. The Kingdom does not come with a visual sight it’s within you that’s where the Kingdom is. We have to get in prayer friends sincere prayer before the Lord. We need to be walking one we are Yeshua. Okay, God bless you we love you guys. Thank you, thank you for supporting this broadcast and thank you for supporting this ministry. If you do believe this type of news broadcast the Prophetic Segments of this stand with us you can contribute online at or or you can send to our address we’ve actually got our first letter here in the Czech Republic just recently. God bless you and thank you for watching shalom.


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