Hosea Prophecies of Gloom For The USA

The Prophet Hosea nearly 3,000 years ago prophesied of more than just Israel’s future, but the future of United States, her presidents, them turning grey and even the NATO mission led by The United States and her bombing campaign against ISIS. Hosea even saw the UNited States turn on Israel forsake the commandments of God and doomed for judgment.


Paris Climate Change Conference Fulfills Biblical Prophecy

In a stunning News Broadcast Steven Ben-Nun share Brother Kellen davison’s revelation regarding the laws being passed on Global Climate Change. Brother Kellen noted that these laws would be used to specifically target the Two Witnesses. As stated in Psalm 83:3 we see that they have “…consulted against thy hidden ones” the hidden ones are your two Witnesses that according to the book of Revelation 11 interrupt nature in a major way. Listen here to the podcast


or you can catch the video portion by following this LINK

Mahmoud Abbas Has Agents Attacking Israeli’s

In a startling new twist of events Palestinian Authority leader Abbas not only is encouraging attacks on Israeli’s but in the latest Terror attack one of his special agents is killed by the IDF. Catch here the Pod Cast of Israeli News Live latest News Brief.