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Authored by: Jana Bennun

I have this feeling that something very wrong is going on in this country. See, I don’t worry about my European home country – people there are used to living without freedoms; they don’t speak up, they don’t demand anything, they allow government to govern their life. Under the former Soviet Union they also trusted their doctors injecting vaccines in their children .

Even as a very young teenager I knew that my country was not the country of the “free and brave” people. I learned about USA back then through soviet propaganda. Them badmouthing the USA , I started to admire it, the USA  had everything I dreamed of; freedom of speech, freedom of bearing arms, and all the opportunities in the world. I saw USA as a country of strong people, brave people and I dreamed of being an American. While my girlfriends had portraits of pop singers on their bedroom walls, I had on mine an American flag .( big mistake, I got in trouble for this)

My girlfriends in high school talked only about boys and  their only aspirations were to become wives and mothers as soon as possible… I dreamed of escaping to USA And live my life as a free person. No wonder, my family was always persecuted under communism , our apartment was bugged and we were prohibited to hold any religious meetings. I remember my mother being questioned by the police once because the neighbor saw too many shoes in front of our door . So she called police, just in case there may be some kind of religious meeting in our apartment. (In Eastern Europe it is a custom to remove your shoes before entering a home)
At last, after finishing nursing school and working in a local hospital for few exciting opportunity came my way. I was able to go to the USA!  I came alone at first, with only twenty dollars in my pocket and no English. My nursing degree was not honored in the US, so I had to resort to cleaning houses for a living. I did not mind, I was willing to do anything just to be in USA.
I lost sleep rather choosing to study the English language by nights and worked a lot during the day. Sometimes I cleaned three big houses a day and at the end of the day I vomited from severe exhaustion. But still, I was so happy because I was in the USA – my dream had come true!
My father called me one day and asked me to come home. He did not like me cleaning houses, after all I was highly educated – at that time my nursing education was an honorable position in my country. Plus, before coming to US I had applied to  the prestigious Charles University to study medicine.  I had completed my entrance exams before leaving East Europe. When my dad called me that day, he had a pretty exciting news for me … I was accepted to the University to become a medical doctor! Yet I told my father. ..” I am sorry, I can’t leave America. I rather clean houses here but at least I am a free person” and I informed my dad about my huge plans: How one day I will enter an American University and live a happy life as an American. I even told him I will bring him and my mom to the United States,
and that I did….

… there is so much more I could write…

So why do I tell you all this?
because your freedoms are trampled upon and You and I are about to loose all of our rights. Yes I say our rights because I too am now and American citizen and have been for 20 years.

If we don’t  do something now, the results will be horrific.

I came to this country as a very very young woman, on my own, with no language, no family, no help and no money. I came for freedom and opportunities. On the day I became a citizen here I was very proud of it. I knew that WHAT YOU HAD as American people is unique. You had a constitution. You had freedom!

Please don’t give this up. Speak up. Watch for Trump and don’t let your love for him  blind you. He is only a man and he is making severe mistakes.

Please guard your freedom.

US Strike in Syria Kills Over 10 Russian Mercenaries

Israeli News Live covered the story of Russians being among the dead of a deadly US airstrike that included multiple aircraft, on February the 8th only hours after the incident occurred near Deir Ezor Syria. Pro Syrian fighters suffered the most casualties as high as 100 dead according to Pentagon statement that was released the following day by CBS News. What was interesting was Israeli News Live was one of the first News agencies to report on what the Syrian government called a massacre and a result we were bombarded with negative comments and accused of being “Fake News” because it was no where on Main Stream Media.

The following day there was Rt, BBC, and as we mentioned CBS all supporting in one way or the other our initial reports. Yet their reports still only suggested that Russian Mercenaries may have been among the dead. It wasn’t until a week later nearly that the evidence began to surface that proved Israeli News Live’s reporting and sources on the round in Syria were in fact reliable and the story unflawed.

Photos of the dead Russian contractors were being published on social media and then The Moscow Times to reported that Russians were among the dead of a US airstrike that some estimates are now saying were nearly 200 killed and over 10 being Russians embedded fro the Military contract company called Wagner

Something is Up in Syria

Turkey’s latest incursion into Syria to attack the Kurds is only the beginning of what could be a more serious issue at hand. 2 days ago the United States loaded Patriot anti-missile batteries onto a ship in Germany and sent them to Israel. Now Russia has deployed 2 more S-400 anti-missile defense systems to Syria. Both the United States leaders as well as Russian and even Syrian leaders and trying to get Turkey to back down on their offensive in Northern Syria against the Kurds, but President Erdogan shows no signs of backing down.

Russia has really put themselves in an awkward position trying to defend Syrian President and the Syrian people against outside aggression and at the same time making alliances with the enemy with hopes of destabilizing the NATO alliance. The US on the other hand has reached out to the Kurds finally to help them to achieve their own national interest in carving out a separate state within a State. Also offending a NATO member.

Israel on the other hand not a NATO member is ally to the US and Russia and strong supporter of the Kurdish people causing the fragile renewed agreement with Turkey to crumble as well. So one must wonder with both Russia and the US sending in air defense systems are they expecting a fight with their ally Turkey which could ultimately turn into a much larger regional war even causing Iran to brought into conflict.

Turkish War Planes Bomb Afrin in Syria

Damascus had vowed to protect the Kurds if Erdogan launched an air attack against the Kurdish Minority in the Northern Province the city of Afrin near the Turkish border. Erdogan held to his promise to launch the attack but President Assad did not try to stop the war planes from attacking the city as his government had threaten to do.

Scores of civilians were injured or killed in the predawn raid of eight F-16 bombers. And once again the Kurds were left to defend themselves with no country of their own no air force no anti-aircraft missile systems to counter the overwhelming attack of the Turkish air force. I suppose what is really sad is that Kurds have been the most formidable ground fighting force against ISIS and other rebel groups fighting to over throw the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Many world leaders have noted their resolve and strength, including Russia’s President Putin and even former President Obama and now President Trump who was working with the Kurds East of the Euphrates River. But none of the Global powers have the courage to take a real stand for the Kurds. All these World leaders seem to be afraid of the Turkish President  including PM Netanyahu who also has held the Kurds in high regard. Yet all the lavish words of praise I suppose really means nothing, perhaps the real problem is that the Kurds have toppled the Elite’s agenda when they crippled ISIS operations to oust President Assad. President Assad is the only one I can understand his fear, his military has been weakened by 6 plus years of war and to take on Turkey a NATO member would crush his country. Syria would become a much stronger force if they would make an alliance with the Kurds which negotiations have begun according to our sources in Syria.

Assad has a very difficult situation and that is inpart because of Russia making an alliance with Turkey trying to break the NATO alliance, but I am concerned that Putin is the one who has been played with fake Coup that will be used against the Russian people in the end.

Israeli War Planes Destroy Syrian Missile Defense Shield

After Israeli war planes came under fire by Syrian anti Aircraft fire Israel retaliated by destroying the Missile defense system of the Syrian Arab Army. According to the IAF Israel was flying over Syria in routine reconnaissance when they encountered the attack by Syrian ground forces. This comes just before President Putin is scheduled to visit Israel. The Russian President has been hard pressed in balancing his relationship with Damascus and with Israel. Putin realizes Israel’s concern over weapons being smuggled through the war torn region and  falling into the hands of Hezbollah is a major concern for the safety of Israel. However, without cooperation from Putin, Israel’s defense against Hezbollah would not be possible. How long will Putin be able to balance his relationship in the region is yet to be seen but one cannot ignore the Biblical prophecy of Amos that seems to be ready for fulfillment.

I will break also the bar of Damascus, and cut off the inhabitant from the plain of Aven, and him that holdeth the sceptre from the house of Eden: and the people of Syria shall go into captivity unto Kir, saith the LORD. Amos 1:5