The Truth Shall Set You Free
August 17, 2019, Orlando Conference: The Truth Shall Set You FREE The conference is Free to the public but registration is required! We will have limited seating, also if you are NOT sure you are able to attend please DO NOT register. We still have to pay for the conference hall which is priced on the size of the group, overbooking cost us a lot of money. Preliminary Schedule: 9:30 AM Steven Ben-Nun - The Remnant 12:00 Noon Lunch Break 1:30 PM Author Deanne Loper - Exposing Kabbalah 4:30 PM Speaker and Commentator - Jana Bennun - The Latest on Noahide Laws 6:00 PM Steven Ben-Nun - Identity of the Beast 7:00 PM Questions and Answers Seating is limited everyone wishing to attend must register. Registration is simple commenting to this post with your name and names of those attending in your party is required!